A New Income Threshold of £38,000 Will Not be Applied to the Extension of Visas For Already Employed Skilled Workers, According to the Minister of Immigration

When a skilled worker changes sponsors, extends their employment, or settles, they should be exempt from the new median salary levels. Minister for Legal Migration and Delivery Tom Pursglove gave additional, clear information about the immigration changes announced by the Home Secretary on December 4 in a Parliamentary answer yesterday. He also explained how the […]

A Guide to the Latest UK Work Visa Policies and Application Procedures

UK Work Visa Policies and Application Procedures

If you’re not a resident of the UK and want to work in the UK you have to apply for UK work visa. There are numerous work visa options accessible, with the majority of them focused on investors, entrepreneurs, skilled labourers, and individuals fitting particular worker profiles. Importantly, there isn’t a general work visa or […]

Your Ultimate Guide to UK Fiance Visa in 2023: What You Need to Know

UK Fiance Visa in 2023

When it comes to something as significant as obtaining a UK Fiance Visa 2023, it can be challenging to navigate the complexity of immigration law. Understanding the nuances of the UK Fiance Visa will be more critical than ever in 2023. This comprehensive guide will provide a detailed analysis of the prerequisites, the application process, […]

A Detailed Walkthrough of the UK Work Visa Process

Delays in Supporting Documentation

People who don’t live in the UK need permission to work in the UK. Most of the time, this means getting a work visa for the UK.  There are many ways to get a work visa, most of which are targeted towards skilled workers, businesses, investors, and special programmes meant to draw certain types of […]