You can apply for an adult dependent relative visa  if you are residing outside the UK and require long-term care, provided by a parent, grandchild, brother, sister, son, or daughter permanently living in the UK with settled status.

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What is an adult dependent relative visa?

The UK Adult Dependent Visa is designed for individuals who need to care for an adult relative who is living permanently in the UK. This visa is applicable when the relative in the UK is unable to care for themselves due to age, illness, or disability, and they need long-term personal care. 

The applicant must prove that their UK-based relative is either a British citizen, settled in the UK, has refugee status, or is under humanitarian protection to be eligible for this visa. Additionally, the applicant must demonstrate that their relative requires more than just financial support and that the necessary care is not available or affordable in the applicant’s home country.

UK Adult Dependent Relative Visa Eligibility Criteria

To get an Adult Dependent Relative Visa you have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • The person you are hosting is over 18 years of age and either a British citizen, settled in the UK or has limited leave to remain in the UK under Appendix EU, or is a refugee or humanitarian; you are the parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son or daughter of that person; that person must also be British citizen, settled in the UK or is a refugee or humanitarian.
  • You need long-term personal care for reasons of age, illness, or disability (e.g., help with dressing, washing, or cooking).
  • Although it is possible for your UK family member to provide you with practical support and financial assistance, you are unable to obtain the necessary level of care in your country of residence because it is not available and no one (close relatives, home-help, housekeepers, nurses, carers, care homes or nursing homes) can provide it reasonably, or it is not affordable;
  • Additionally, the family member will be able to provide you with adequate maintenance, accommodation, and care in the UK, at no cost to the state (if they are British citizens or permanent residents, the family member must sign a five-year undertaking stating that this will be the case).

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to satisfy different adult dependent relative visa requirements, so it is strongly advisable to confirm your eligibility in advance of making an application. Call now at 0203 384 4389

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

How to Apply for Adult Dependent Visa UK?

To apply for an ADR visa, you will need to go online and fill out the form along with Appendix 1 VAF4A.

If applicable, the applicant must gather all the necessary information and paperwork before applying. This may include a written promise from their sponsor that they will pay for their care, housing, and maintenance for at least 5 years without using public funds.

You have to show the following types of proof to fulfil the requirements:

  • Proof that the UK sponsor and the applicant are related through blood;
  • Proof that the candidate needs personal care for a long time because they are old, sick, or disabled. This should come from independent medical proof from a doctor or other health worker that the applicant can’t do normal things because of their physical or mental condition[s].
  • Show proof that the applicant can’t get the care they need in their home country, even with the sponsor’s help in the UK (both financially and practically). This should come from a central or local health authority, a doctor, or another health worker. Applicants who had a private deal will have to explain why they can’t keep it up. If they can’t afford it anymore, they will have to show proof and give an explanation. 
  • Those who have received financial help in the past from the sponsor or a close family member in the UK must explain why this support can’t continue or isn’t sufficient to provide the required care.
  • Proof from the sponsor that the person will be able to afford the care, housing, and repair they need in the UK. 
  • Also, if the sponsor is a British citizen or lives in the UK, the applicant must show a signed promise from the sponsor that they will pay for the applicant’s food, shelter, and medical care for 5 years without using public funds.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

What if My Application for Adult Dependent Relative Visa UK is Refused?

Regrettably, refusals happen a lot. Because the immigration rules are so strict, only a small percentage of applications are accepted, at least on the first try. Specifically, if a sponsor can afford to care for and house a dependent family member in the UK for 5 years, it can be hard for the applicant to show that this money can’t be used to provide the necessary amount of care in their home country.

An Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) must also look at a lot of people in the applicant’s home country who can properly provide the necessary level of care, whether they are paid or not. This is what the Home Office says. This could be a close family member, a wider family member, a friend, a neighbour, or anyone else who can help with care, like a housekeeper, home help, nurse, sitter, or nursing home. Most of the time, the application will be turned down if the amount of care needed is already available or can be afforded.

On the other hand, if an application is turned down, there may be reasons to question this. This can be done through a review or an appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. It is best to get professional legal help before applying for an adult dependent visa, though. This way, we can take steps ahead of time to investigate all possible reasons for a refusal and provide an account and proof to back it up.

In the end, the rules are all about whether the adult dependent relative visa applicant can get the care they need in their home country at a level that is both “reasonably” high and “the required level.” 

Basically, this means that the care must be fair for both the person applying for it and the person providing it. It’s also important that the level of care meets the needs of the specific candidate. The applicant will have a much better chance of success if they make a clear case from the start about what care is both necessary and fair. Moreover, this could include emotional and psychological needs if medical evidence supports them.

While the main rules for an adult dependent relative visa may not always be followed, there may be times when “exceptional circumstances” are present. If these things happen, the ECO will have to decide if Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights applies (the right to respect for private and family life) and if refusing would lead to unfairly harsh effects.

Your solicitor can talk to you about all of your possible cases and choices as an adult dependent relative or as an ADR sponsor wanting to bring a family member who needs care to the UK. They can also help you plan and prepare your application by giving you the right information and paperwork to help you have the best chance of being accepted.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

Adult Dependent Relative Visa Cost

It costs £1,048 to apply for an Adult Dependent visa in the UK in 2023 and if you apply from outside the UK the cost is  £3,250. Plus any currency exchange fees.

People who want to enter the country may also have to pay an extra fee to use the National Health Service (NHS). It costs £1035 a year. Those who want to apply must also pay a fingerprint fee of £19.20.

How long does it take to get an Adult Dependent Visa for the UK?

For most people, the process of applying for a UK ADR visa takes about 12 weeks. If you need to make a decision faster, you might be able to use the super-priority service. For an extra £800, you can get a decision by the end of the next business day. Some types of applications do not qualify for priority services. If this is the case, we will inform you when you apply.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

We Can Help You With Your Adult Dependent Relative Visa UK

  • Make a new application, apply for your dependents to join you, wish to extend your visa, become settled or challenge an unfair decision…
  • UK Immigration Solicitors can provide you with expert advice, guidance and legal representation to meet your needs.
  • Unsure about whether your plans would meet the requirements or whether you are likely to face any challenges?
  • We can assess your individual circumstances and confirm what your options are through a free case assessment.
  • Additionally, UK Immigration Solicitors can maximise your chances of success by handling your entire application remotely.
  • We provide a fully digital service, and you never have to visit our offices for 9/10 immigration cases.
  • As an award-winning law firm specialising in all types of UK immigration cases, we offer a transparent, fixed fee service to handle your entire case.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

Is it Difficult to get an Adult Dependent Relative Visa?

Applicants outside the UK may apply for a Dependent visa for relatives UK adults. Applicants in the UK cannot switch to this route.

While it is possible for someone applying for an Adult Dependent Relative visa to meet the second criterion in spite of suffering from severe illness, meeting the third criterion is even more challenging. The majority of sponsors who are able to afford to support and accommodate their dependent relative for five years will find it difficult to demonstrate that they cannot afford to take care of their relative back home.

An Adult Dependent Relative visa will allow you to enter the UK and remain there indefinitely.

Medical Expert Support

In the case that you need long-term personal care due to age, illness, or disability, it may be necessary to submit a medical report to support your application. With the assistance of an immigration lawyer, we will assist you in identifying a suitable medical professional and instruct the specialist on the issues to be addressed in their report.

Using a Background Expert

To support your application, you may wish to provide an expert report on the availability of suitable care facilities in your country of residence in order to satisfy the Home Office that you cannot obtain the required level of care. Our immigration lawyers can assist you in instructing the expert as to the issues he or she should cover in the report if you need assistance in identifying a country background expert who is suited to your needs.

Accommodation Report

You must demonstrate adequate accommodation for you in the UK in order to be eligible for an Adult Dependent Relative visa. Our lawyers can arrange for a qualified surveyor with expert knowledge and skills to inspect the property and prepare a comprehensive report. Call us at 0203 384 4389

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

How Long is an Adult Dependent Relative Visa Valid For?

If your application for an Adult Dependent Relative visa is approved, you will be given indefinite leave to remain and be able to stay in the UK for as long as you need to.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

How Can UK Immigration Solicitors Help Me?

In addition to offering immigration services, our immigration lawyers assist individuals from around the world to obtain Adult Dependent Relative Visas for the UK.

In order to obtain an Adult Dependent Relative Visa, our immigration lawyers can be of assistance to you in assessing the merits of the application, overcoming challenges, assisting in preparing the application, or representing you in challenging a decision to refuse an application.

Having a proactive approach to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is something we take pride in. Our team commits to providing clients with clear and reliable immigration advice within a professional and friendly environment.

By now you would have realised that when it comes to Adult Dependent Relative Visas, we are the go-to experts.

We are the original and still the best! Proud to be the UK’s #1 Immigration Law Firm. For further details call us at 0203 384 4389

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, a child needs a visa in order to live in the UK. For instance, if their parent is a foreign national working or studying in the country, the child may need a Child Dependant Visa.

Your parent, grandparent, adult sibling, or kid who lives with you and needs long-term personal care because of age, illness, or disability is considered an adult dependent relative.

An adult dependent relative visa lets an adult sister live in the UK if you are a British citizen, already live in the UK, or have limited leave under a qualifying route and your sibling needs long-term care.

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply online for an adult dependent visa as long as they are not in the UK and meet the standards for relationship and financial support.

Adult Dependent Relative visa applications have a very low success rate of only about 4%. It’s because the UK immigration authorities are very strict. They need specific proof that the applicant needs care and can’t get it in their home country. This is why the success rate is so low.

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