Labour’s Manifesto for the Many

Unlocking the FLR(M) visa process

As an organisation, UK Immigration Solicitors has no political bias, but what we do have is a clear awareness about how the political landscape affects people who require immigration support.

Brexit Negotiations Unnecessarily Suffering

UK Pre-Brexit Rights Reversed by Home Office

One of the biggest problems with politics is politicians. It might sound like an obvious thing to say, but it is most frighteningly true when it comes to the Brexit Negotiations.

The Sun: News or Dangerous Media Fear-mongering?

I don’t read The Sun. Besides the crass treatment of all news, language level of the average 8 year old, and a target readership of the ignorant and ill-informed, I just don’t wish to endorse the narratives they stir.

LGBTQ+ Community – Asylum & Human Rights Explored

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Compliance Requirement

Hello! Thank you for choosing UK Immigration Solicitors to handle your immigration case. As a fully regulated and responsible law firm, we have robust procedures in place to ensure that we are able to meet our legal and regulatory obligations whilst being able to deliver a seamless and proactive service. As a result, you are […]

Secure English Language Testing

Frequently asked questions What is a SELT provider? For certain visa applications applicants must demonstrate a certain level of English language ability. This can be through passing a test with a Home Office approved Secure English Language Testing (SELT) provider. Which immigration routes require a SELT? You will need to demonstrate you have met the required level in English if […]

Prove your knowledge of English for citizenship and settling

Immigration Lawyer Near Me UK- UK Immigration Solicitors

You don’t need to prove your knowledge of English in certain circumstances. Your citizenship or settlement application will be refused if you send the wrong qualifications. If you need more time If you’re already in the UK you may be able to extend your permission to stay, so that you can prove your knowledge of […]

Life in the UK Test

Life In The UK Test

As part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK you need to take the Life In The UK test. Find out all you need to know here.