Brexit Democracy already being Questioned

Article 50 was triggered just yesterday and I already have a question about the romanticism of ‘Brexit Democracy’. Surely eyebrows should be raised by the idea that hundreds or even thousands of EU Laws will be rushed through into UK law without our sovereign parliament’s involvement or vote.

To be honest I am angry that I first learn about this from an article in the Independent article Brexit will see 1,000 new laws passed into British law with no parliamentary scrutiny.

I am in two minds about this. Part of me wants to express relief that substantial time will not be wasted on so many laws that pretty much just need a Microsoft Word “Replace All” from EU to UK. However, the other part of my mind is very concerned by the idea of these going unchecked. And that comes from my own bias.

Yes, bias: I am happy to admit I have one. Bias against this Tory government. I never voted for the Tories – making me one of the (roughly) 75% who didn’t. I also voted to Remain in the EU. So for me, Theresa May does not at all represent my UK or me. I also live in a Labour constituency, and whereas I didn’t vote for that, I do have a good MP, credit where it is due. So the fact that laws are going to be passed and there is no way my MP can at the very least challenge them or question them on my behalf…

…is NOT the Brexit democracy that Brexiteers so vehemently demanded be returned from the EU. And I don’t trust the Tories:

  • Who cut essential funding from schools (I am an ex teacher);
  • Have all but decimated the NHS with one hand, to stealth privatise it with the other;
  • Have betrayed the sick and elderly by drastically cutting social care (which has had a terrible knock-on effect on the NHS, especially);
  • Have persecuted the disabled and those unable to work due to ill health;
  • Have betrayed hard working EU migrants who have contributed generously to the country even without having full citizenship rights to protect them…

…and so on.

Put simply, I don’t trust them. The EU referendum was NOT democracy in action, as I explored in a previous blog.  Given all refusal to ever answer an simple questions, I am not sure I can trust a PM who has no mandate at all, which is something I explored in another one of our blogs HERE.

I refuse to get all needlessly emotive about this issue, but welcome interesting debate. Above all, as a citizen of the UK, Brexit has already taken something AWAY from me: my protection to turn the EU for help when even the highest people betray my trust. And the fact that this bill marks a seriously UN-democratic example of a lack of sovereignty for the people. The EU referendum was like letting us vote only on the first move of a chess game. The result is hardly an example of Brexit democracy.

Sorry if you thought it was Draughts (Checkers), or Snakes and Ladders, or even just Noughts and Crosses, as promised on the side of a bus. We are not democratic decision makers; we are just political pawns.

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this blog are entirely my own and do not represent the political or legal opinions of UK Immigration Solicitors. 

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