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This blog cuts through the complexities of delay in COS (Certificate of Sponsorship) in the UK, especially for care workers. We’ll unpack the latest on approvals, allocations, and the recent delays impacting the UK immigration landscape.

Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)

A COS acts as a gateway for individuals seeking work opportunities in the UK. Employers (sponsors) receive an annual allocation of COS from the Home Office to facilitate the immigration process for their prospective employees. This allocation goes beyond just employers and encompasses various sectors crucial to the UK’s economic fabric.

Recent Updates and Challenges for Delay in COS ( certificate of sponsorship)

  • Delays and the March 11th Deadline: A considerable number of individuals are anxiously awaiting their COS approval, especially with the impending restriction on applying with dependents after March 11th. A recent report highlights a petition advocating for allowing care workers under Code 6,145 and Code 6,146 to bring their dependents.
  • Limited COS Availability: Only a fraction of defined COS are currently available, raising concerns about the Home Office’s strategy in managing this crucial aspect of the immigration process.
  • Additional Document Requirements: Recent changes in immigration policies have introduced additional document requirements, causing challenges for some organizations to meet these demands. The Home Office may conduct investigations and revoke licenses if sponsors fail to comply.
  • Scrutiny of Sponsors: The Home Office has intensified investigations, especially for defined COS requests. This is due to an influx of migrants aligning with companies offering unrealistic working hours.

The Process of Obtaining a COS

  • Defined vs. Undefined COS: Defined COS are allocated for a specific role and worker, requiring detailed job and salary details. Undefined COS are more flexible.
  • Requesting and Assigning a COS: Sponsors submit requests for defined COS electronically. Once approved, the COS is assigned to the relevant worker. However, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) may request additional information, requiring a prompt response from the sponsor.
  • Negotiating Weekly Hours: Sponsors must enter the expected weekly working hours during the COS application process. Sponsors negotiating weekly hours with potential employees should specify that these hours will be confirmed later in the COS application.

Getting through the Uncertainties

  • Alternative Pathways: The news suggests alternative pathways for individuals, such as applying independently and subsequently bringing dependents, or exploring opportunities with the National Health Service (NHS).
  • Financial Year Dynamics: Sponsors typically receive an annual allocation of COS, with a potential surge in allocations come April, marking the start of a new financial year.

Impact of Government Measures

The UK government’s efforts to control immigration, evident in reduced COS approvals, aim to prevent fraudulent practices. However, this approach has also left many applicants vulnerable to scams.

Hopeful Outlook for April and Beyond

  • Increased COS Allocations: Genuine companies regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) can anticipate an annual allocation of undefined COS in April.
  • Opportunities for Care Workers: This anticipated surge in allocations presents a hopeful outlook for individuals who have patiently waited for their COS approvals.

Challenges Faced by Care Workers

  • Balancing Family Restrictions and Career: The restriction on applying with dependents after March 11th poses challenges for care workers seeking to bring their families.
  • Navigating the Support System: The extent of support one can receive in the UK often depends on the number of family members involved. This can make it difficult for care workers with families to establish themselves.


This blog offers valuable insights for prospective care workers and employers navigating the UK’s ever-changing immigration landscape. By understanding the COS allocation process, recent challenges, and anticipated changes, individuals can make informed decisions about their immigration journey. It concludes with a message of hope, highlighting the upcoming opportunities in April and the resilience of the care worker sector.

Note: For expert guidance on navigating your COS journey, visit UK Immigration Solicitors. We’ll keep you informed with the latest developments!

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