Farage Immigration Logic

North Korea is being led by a crazed despot with his finger on the trigger of nuclear weapons, ready to defend himself if too many people ask questions about his murdered half brother. Well, that’s just one reason he might poise that trigger finger – I am sure he has many others. But still we are distracted by the ramblings of a political caricature: Nigel Farage Immigration Logic pervades our airwaves, leaving blithering non sequiturs in his wake.

On his LBC Radio programme, Farage denied having ever been looking for a total Muslim immigration ban, but he supported Donald Trump’s ban on the basis that it gave the new president 90 days in which to decided what it could do to keep America safe. Why they think this is possible in just 90 days if they have spent the past fifteen years in their “war on terror” is somewhat confusing, though.  That’s the Farage Immigration Logic.

Yet again the link between immigration and terrorism is being inextricably linked by the wild presumption that Muslim immigration can and will inevitably lead to a terror attack. However, that would fly in the face of all logic – especially if you consider all the terrorist attacks that have been thwarted, planned by people who were already in the country they were attacking. The French attempts were perpetrated by people who were already residents of the country.

The anti-immigration narrative – lets call it the Farage Immigration Logic – is resulting in an increase of hate crimes being reported in the UK, with cities such as Nottingham being a major hotspot.  Of course there will be those who deny the increase and say it is merely the improvement of police recording. Must we be so foolish as to ignore the obvious? Let’s not make the mistake of assuming that everyone is able to partake in mature, sensible and cogent debate.  Just one visit to You Tube and a search for “muslamic law” will help to demonstrate the point – and when you find it, bear in mind that the man in the video is a  voter. Yes, he is allowed to vote.

Considering the sheer number of Muslims in the world and then the proportional number who go to the extreme of committing terrorist attacks, are we not facing a dangerous possibility of entering into a far deeper institutional racism? In our previous blog Brexit Shambles: or a cover for Institutional Racism? I asked the same question. All these immigration bans and terrorism narratives could easily turn into a major rift in the smallest of towns and communities.