Hatred and Hot Soup: Brexit Media Survival

There’s a border-splitting surge about to happen. Records numbers of migrants are overrunning the country right now, and all we have is the media to guide us.

And we are all going to DIE this weekend.

There’s only one thing to do: sharpen the pitch-forks; ignite the burning torches; pull on the thermals; and head out to battle armed with as much hatred and hot-soup as we can.

The Newspaper front pages today capture exactly why I don’t read newspapers any more, other than to see what ignorant people think are “facts.”  Or if my copies of the Beano have yet to be delivered.

Even The Express bank on people being stupid enough to see a big red “10p” and be duped into thinking that is the price.  That is until the customer reaches the til to find out what it really says, at which point they tut, and huff, and blame the increase in immigrants for the rising costs of newspapers.

It’s as if nothing sensible can be written any more, and fanciful hyperbole is the only way society can communicate. We find ourselves having to wade through the narrative that workers from the EU are invading in their mass numbers. It’s some kind of last-ditched attempt to secure their place in the UK before Brexit kicks in.

When it finally does, of course.

We just can’t make up our fearful minds

But this news does come as a surprise since it was only a few days ago I was reading how immigration into the country had actually mildly reduced since Brexit was chosen by the public. So what is the plan here? To pressure more action from the government?

Or is it simply more of “project Fear”?

Our media have a habit of using fear tactics to grab readers and sell their papers, regardless of the short or long term effect it might have on the British public or society.  Although the press are supposed to be self-regulated and not allowed to print known untruths or lies, but that does not prevent them putting whatever twist or opinion on “facts” that they want to.  Nor does it stop them watching their readership lap them up every time.

So the story they are spinning works alongside Theresa May’s refusal to be pushed into a hurried organisation for Brexit.  We must beware the threat of millions of Europeans packing tightly into the UK ship before we can sail away.  We must view all of them with scepticism from now on, and not for one moment question the governments failings.

This media strategy is clearly trying to take our eyes off the ball. We have issues like housing and education places that are so much easier to blame on migrants if we let this can of spin stir up a fury.

That is only if we survive the “Killer Freeze” of course – which is probably being brought over by the arrogant migrants, too.

Perhaps I shouldn’t mock the issue, but sometimes we have to step back and laugh at the array of rubbish on our front pages.

Only then can we turn away and reflect on just how easily that rubbish has forced people’s hands in 2016.

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