Understanding the Financial Requirements for a UK Spouse Visa

Financial Requirements for a UK Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa Financial Requirements

If you want to join your spouse in the UK on a spouse visa, you must meet the financial requirements for a UK spouse visa unless you are exempt.

Before spring 2024, a spouse requesting benefits under Appendix FM with no dependent children must earn £18,600 annually. It increases by £3,800 for the first dependent child and by £2,400 for each additional child after that.

There are various practical ways to meet the required amount of money. This group includes earnings from work or self-employment, retirement plans, rental income, and savings of over £16,000.

Add any money you earn in the UK to your home budget. Furthermore, there are several circumstances in which payment is optional.

New changes in Spring 2024

In the spring of 2024, the latest income threshold will start at £29,000. It will go up to £34,500 in the summer and £38,700 in the fall. For these extra requirements, send in your applications well before the deadline.

Starting in the spring of 2024, the basic income requirement will no longer consider having children. Because of this, there will be no need to give each child extra money.

Their figures will be based on the minimum income requirement for people who want to get a visa or already have one. This also goes for people with a fiancé visa who wish to change it to a spouse visa later.

On the other hand, people switching from one route to another will be evaluated using the new standards (once the changes have been made).

For decades, lawyers specialising in UK immigration law have helped people apply for spouse cards. Our team will check to ensure you meet all the requirements. They will make sure that you have all the paperwork they need and that you can show proof of your income. Get professional help from a qualified visa expert to improve your chances of a successful application.

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Possible Ways to Meet the Minimum Income Requirement

For a spouse visa, the minimum required (i.e., one without dependent children) is £18,600.

Employment income and non-employment income are two informal categories of income.

Employment Income

If you are applying for a spouse visa, you may prove your financial stability by submitting proof of the following:

  • Income earned by the sponsor of the spouse visa in the United Kingdom
  • The sponsor can fulfil the conditions for a spouse visa with a work offer from a UK-based employer that fulfils the minimum income criterion if they return to the UK with the application.
  • Income earned by the spouse visa application while residing in the United Kingdom (but only if they currently have a valid work permit).
  • Earnings from independent work as a franchisee, partner, or single entrepreneur
  • Earnings from a limited liability firm whose purpose is not defined
  • Profits distributed by a limited liability corporation
  • Financial savings
  • You may use this to raise your minimal income or lower it, depending on how much money you have saved.
  • Pension funds received from the government, businesses, or individuals 
  • Retirement plans
  • Salary from rental properties

Non-employment  Income

When applying for a spouse visa, you may fulfil financial criteria using the following non-employment-related sources of income:

  • Interest, dividends, capital appreciation, and other investment income; bond, trust, stock, and share capital (from selected limited corporations only)
  • A stipend or maintenance subsidy earned because qualified 
  • research or study at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • Some allowances and benefits, such as the Widowed Parent 
  • Death Benefit, Death Payment, Death Allowance, and the United Kingdom 
  • Allowance for Maternity
  • Profit made on savings
  • Funds disbursed by the Military Services’ War Pensions Scheme 
  • Benefits Programme for the Military and Civilian Employees and Veterans
  • Continuous payments.
  • regular payouts from a structured settlement
  • continual insurance benefits

Are there financial criteria for spouse visas with dependents?

The minimum gross yearly income requirement of £18,600 will rise if you want to include dependent children in your spouse visa application. The increase for your first dependent child will be £3,800, and for each subsequent dependent child, it will be £2,400. As a result,

  • The minimal need is £18,600 if you are applying alone and not with any dependents.
  • The minimum requirement is £22,400 if you are applying with your child.
  • The minimum requirement is £24,800 if you are applying with two children.
  • The minimum requirement is £27,200 if you are applying with three children.

You will only see your minimum gross annual pay go up if any of the following are true:

  • The child who needs to stay in the UK requires a visa and is applying as a dependent at the same time as you (the main visitor).
  • To stay in the UK, the dependent child needs a visa. They apply as a dependent when you (the main candidate) settle.
  • Your husband or partner living in the UK (the supporter) is already caring for a child.

If the dependent child fits any of the following details, the minimum threshold won’t rise:

  • A British citizen
  • An EEA national
  • Is settled in the UK or is eligible for indefinite leave to enter

Exemption from financial requirements for spouse visas

Exemption from financial requirements for spouse visas

Exemption from financial requirements for spouse visas

You can avoid having to prove that you have enough money to pay for the spouse visa if your partner gets certain perks or allowances from the UK. Among them are:

  • Allowance for Carers
  • Allowance for Living with a Disability
  • Additional Security Income for People with Disabilities
  • Benefits for Workers’ Compensation and Disabilities
  • Presence Allowance
  • Individuals’ Freedom Allowance
  • Income Security or Military Independence Payment
  • Benefits from the Military Compensation Programme
  • Military, Mobility Supplement, or Constant Attendance Allowance 
  • War Pensions Scheme Disability Benefit
  • Pension for Police Accidents

But you must also show that you and your spouse can sufficiently support yourself, your partner, and any dependents in the UK without taking advantage of government assistance.

Will I get leave after meeting the spouse visa’s financial requirements?

You could be eligible to stay in the UK for up to 2.5 years if you meet the financial criteria for spouse visas. After that, you’ll have to ask to have your stay extended. You must first show your proficiency in English and meet all the other qualifying requirements.

You are only eligible to apply for permanent residency once you have been a permanent resident of the United Kingdom for five years straight after receiving permission to stay.

What if I didn’t fulfil my spouse visa financial requirements?

Applying for a spouse visa or extending your permission to remain may still be possible if you do not meet the financial requirements:

  • It would be unfair to force your kid to leave the UK if they are a British citizen or have lived there for seven years.
  • Living as a couple outside of the UK would present you and your spouse with enormous difficulties.
  • Denying your application may violate your human rights in some extreme circumstances.

Specifically, you can have alternative trustworthy sources of income, financial assistance, or cash considered here to see whether the minimum income criteria are satisfied. 

Additional Conditions for Spouse Visas

Additional Conditions for Spouse Visas

Additional Conditions for Spouse Visas

Once you’ve met the financial requirements, there are a few more things you need to do to apply for a spouse visa.

A minimum age of 18 is required for both you and your spouse. You and your companion must also be:

  • Residing in the United Kingdom as a British citizen
  • They currently live there and have permanent residency or indefinite permission to stay.
  • Those seeking humanitarian protection or refugee status in the United Kingdom.

It is necessary to provide evidence of the following if you are not already married:

  • Your bond is “real and continuing.”
  • Two years of living in a relationship that is legally considered a marriage or civil partnership are required at the time of application.
  • If you are a civil partner or fiancé looking to be married or get into a civil partnership in the United Kingdom,
  • Within six months of your arrival in the UK, you are required to have a marriage or civil partnership in the works and;
  • You plan to settle in the United Kingdom with your prospective husband or civil partner.

In addition, you’ll have to show that you can financially support yourself and any dependents and have an excellent understanding of the English language (by an academic credential or a test).