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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Seeking the release of the detainee on Temporary Admission (TA), considering individual circumstances.
  • In cases where Temporary Admission is denied, we follow the detainee’s instructions and apply for Immigration Judge’s bail.
  • Communicating with sureties and guiding them in facilitating the detainees’ release from detention.
  • Preparing the bail bundle and ensuring its delivery to all relevant parties.
  • Engaging a skilled Barrister to represent you before the Tribunal.
  • Offering clear guidance on further options if bail is denied by the Immigration Judge.


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What is a Deportation Order?

Under UK Immigration Law
Section 10 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (1999 Act) outlines the administrative removal of an individual from the UK when they:

  • Lack required leave (such as overstayers, illegal entrants, or those refused entry at a port)
  • Breach a visa or limited leave condition
  • Obtain leave through deception

A deportation order mandates departure from and bars legal re-entry to the UK. Breaching this order is a criminal offense (Section 24(1)(a) of the 1971 Act).

Leave to remain/granted before or during the order’s effect becomes void (except when under the 2007 Act with pending in-country appeal).

When Can a Deportation Order Be Revoked?

Revocation is possible, except when:

  • The subject becomes a British citizen
  • Time-limited EEA Regulations 2016 order ends
  • The child subject turns 18
  • Marriage/partnership ends
  • A deportation order against a family member ends
  • Court/Tribunal nullifies the order

A deportation order must be revoked before granting leave. Incorrectly granted leave to a deportee is invalid.

Revoking a Deportation Order
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