Bristol Life in the UK Test Centre

PSI Bristol
Creswicke House, Ground Floor,
9-11 Small Street,


The test site is in Crewicke House, which is right in the middle of Bristol City Centre. A lot of different roads and public transport lines go through it.

If you are going by car, please keep in mind that the M4 goes south from the north into the city of Bristol, and the M5 comes into the city from the east. Since the M32 goes right through the middle of the city, it’s probably the best way to take it.

Even though the venue is in the middle of everything, there aren’t many close parking lots. We’ve listed two possible choices below. Should you want to look at other places to park in this area, please click on the link.

Broad Plain Car Park

This site is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Here is a list of set parking fees:

  • £3 for an hour
  • £4 for two hours
  • It costs £5 for three hours and £7 for four.

Given the length of the test and the walk to the centre, there should be no reason to need more than four hours of covering. Nevertheless, there are 12-hour (£18) and full-day (£20) tickets available if you intend to spend a little time in Bristol before leaving the city.

You can pay for parking here with cash or by calling the Pay by Phone service line. Please call 0330-400-7275 or text 65565 if you want to use this automated method. Regardless, please remember the location ID (89303).

The walk from here to the venue is quite long. So, you might want to think about taking a local bus path. You can get off the A1 Airport Flyer at Temple Meads train stop and go up to Colston Avenue South. From there, it’s a two-minute walk east to get to the test centre. From the parking lot, go south towards the station. You’ll have to cross the River Avon on your way.

This building is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The prices for tickets are as follows:

  • £2.50 for two hours
  • £4.50 for 4 hours

If you want to take the test, you should have more than four hours to get there, take it, and walk back to your car. But if you need to stay longer in the city for any reason, you can buy day tickets for £9 or overnight tickets for £2.

Parking fees must be paid for through the RingGo service line, which can be reached at 01173419000 (81025 via SMS). Please give location ID (2112) when you pay.

You can park in the lot right outside of Bristol Temple Meads train station, which is just over 1 km from the test site. For those who want to use a local bus to get here, please read and follow the instructions in the Broad Plain Car Park part. To get to Small Street, cross Bristol Bridge and walk northwest past St. Nicholas Market. When you get there, Creswicke House will be on your left.


Many bus lines can take you to stops close to the test spot. We chose four different ways to get into the city heart of Bristol, and we hope that at least one of them will work for your trip to the event.

43: To get to the middle of Bristol, the 43 starts in Cadbury Heath, which is on the eastern edge of the city. Get off the bus at Colston Avenue South. This bus stop is just south of where it says to drop people off in the Broad Plain Car Park notes.

48: The route starts in Emmerson Green, which is northeast of the city, and ends in the middle of Bristol. Please get off the bus at either Nelson Street or Rupert Street if you are taking this route. They are both close to each other. It’s only a short 300m walk south-west from either bus stop to the venue.

672: This public transport line goes around the southern end of the city and through the city centre in the north. Get off the bus at Bond Street and head southwest. After leaving the shopping area, turn left onto Quay Street and then right onto Smart Street to get to the test centre.

A FALCON: The Falcon service in Bristol is a quick way to get from Plymouth on the south coast to the northern edges of Bristol. The bus stop for Cabot Circus is about 1 km from the test spot. Please get off at that stop. If you are walking, please go southwest again, this time past the shopping area on your way to Smart Street. 

The M3 Metrobus is a type of public transport that can help you get where you need to go faster. Take this from the Cabot Circus stop to go south-west on Colston Avenue. It will drop you off right next to Colston Avenue South. That being said, the venue is also a short, easterly two-minute walk from here.

If none of these services stop near you, please visit and look for other bus lines that go into Bristol city centre.


As we already said, Temple Meads, Bristol’s main train stop, is just over a kilometre from the test site. Services come to this stop from all over the UK, so it should be easy to get to from anywhere in the country.

Please look back at the directions given in the Broad Plain Car Park part of the notes to figure out how to get to the test centre from here. This building is right next to the train stop. For information on site services and departure and arrival times, please go to this National Rail page.

Station address:

Station Approach,

Bath Road,


For assistance with your reservation, please dial 0800 015 4245 to reach the Life in the UK Test Helpline (operational hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm).