Coventry Life in the UK Test Centre

PSI Coventry
101 Lockhurst Lane, 3rd Floor,


The test centre is in the Foleshill neighbourhood, which is north of the centre of Coventry. Along the eastern edge of the city, the A444 links to roads that lead straight to the test centre. Lockhurst Lane is where the test site is.

Unfortunately, there are not many parking choices close to the venue. The two closest parking lots, on the other hand, are free. Please keep in mind that these two parking lots can only hold a total of 60 cars, and there aren’t any other good parking spots in the area. So, you might want to think about whether taking the bus or train could lower the chance of being late.


Furthermore, it was mentioned that parking is free at this on-street location. There are places for disabled people.

From Holmsdale Road, it takes about eight minutes to walk to the event. Take Livingstone Road west until it ends, then turn left onto the B4118. From here, keep going south until you reach Lockhurst Lane.

Street Cromwell

Again, you can park here for free. This spot is about 1 km away from where the tests will be given. Before you turn left onto St. Paul Road, please go north towards Red House Park. Continue on this route until you reach the B4113. Take Pridmore Road and turn east onto Lockhurst Lane. Then, go north to get to the test centre. It will take about 13 minutes to get through this route.

Please be aware that there are no suitable bus services from this location that go to the venue. If you don’t mind making the long trip from the parking lot to the test centre, the Parkopedia platform can help you find possible choices.


There are several bus lines that go close to where the test is being given. We have picked out three of the most common ways to get to Lockhurst Lane from close. The 20, 3, and 58 bus lines are shown here.

20: Within Coventry, the number 20 runs from the city heart to Nuneaton, going from north to south. Please get off at the Old Church Street stop if you are taking this service. Then there is a pretty long trip to get to the place. To get to the test centre on foot, you must take the long downhill walk down Foleshill Road, then turn east onto Livingstone Road, and finally head south. It should take about 19 minutes to finish this trip.

You could also get on the 20B Coventry bus and head towards Station Street from the bus stop on the other side of the street. If you get off at the Station Street stop, the test site is a 500-meter walk to the southwest. You can cut about seven minutes off of your trip from Old Church Road if you take the bus.

3: From University Hospital Coventry in the east of the city to the Arena Shopping Park on the northern edge of Coventry, this service goes. Please get off the bus at the Drake Street stop. This stop is located right outside the test centre.

58: This bus starts in the west on Torrington Avenue and goes east into the centre of Coventry. Once more, please get off at the bus stop on Drake Street.


There are two nearby train stops that might be useful. The Coventry Arena Train stop is like a “satellite” stop because it serves places outside of Coventry. Trains come from all over the country to Coventry’s main stop, which is on the south side of the city. They are both, however, a long way from Lockburst Lane.

The station for Coventry Arena is 2.7 km away, which is a bit too far to walk to the test spot. Connecting travel, on the other hand, is pretty easy. Take the number 3 Binley service to Drake Street from the bus stop outside of Coventry Arena. This stop is right next to the venue. The trip takes eleven minutes.

It’s a little farther away from Coventry Station—about 3.5 km further away. You could take a linking service up to Coventry Arena, but taking the bus to the test centre is much faster. It only takes four minutes to walk to the Rail Station Bridge bus stop. To get there, turn left at the station exit and head south on the A429 for about 50m.

You can get to Well Street on the 9 Platinum Electric route. You can walk north for 120m from here to get to the bus stop on Corporation Street. Then, please get on the 20A Walsgrave service and get off at Courtaulds Way. Then, go north on Folsehill Road towards Lockhurst Lane.

Address of stations:

Coventry Train Station

Station Square


West Midlands


Coventry Arena Train Station

Arena Park Shopping Centre

Classic Drive

West Midlands


For details on each station’s services as well as departure and arrival times, visit the West Midlands Railway website here.

Call the Life in the UK Test Helpline at 0800 015 4245 (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm) if you have any questions or concerns about your reservation.