Edinburgh Life in the UK Test Centre

MTS Edinburgh
40 Sciennes,
Newington, Ground Floor


The testing location is conveniently located on the southern edge of the city centre, making it easy to reach by automobile. While the Edinburgh City bypass covers the majority of the city, drivers heading north or east may find the A90 or A1 more convenient. There are plenty of adjacent parking facilities due to its central placement in the city. Keep in mind, too, that these aren’t exactly cheap web addresses. Finally, before you go any further with the selections below, make sure to check the centre’s availability of parking spots, as there is some on-site parking.

Just off the A700, on the “Sciennes” road, is where you’ll find the testing site.

St. Leonard’s Car Park

You can access this parking lot at any time, day or night. Parking fees are as follows:

  • 20 minutes = £27
  • £2 in 2 hours
  • £8.40 for four hours

You probably won’t need more than a two-hour parking penalty if you park up, take your exam, and then get right back in your car. There are further choices, though, (including overnight tickets), if your intended stay in Edinburgh will exceed the time allotted for testing. For more information, please go to this website.

Additionally, you have the option to pay for parking with cash or by calling the Just Park service line. To make a payment using Just Park, dial 028-9124-8440 or send a text message to 07520. Please use the appropriate Location ID (186006) in both cases.

From here, take the A700 to the test centre after you pass Edinburgh Printworks to the southwest. Going south on “Sciennes,” you’ll see the testing location (building 40) on your left. Turn left here. You should be able to complete this excursion in about 8 minutes.

27A Nicolson Square

Once again, you can access this site at any time, day or night. The following costs are not exhaustive, as there are 12-hour and 24-hour tickets available, comparable to St. Leonards Car Park. Further information regarding this facility’s extended hours parking can be found on the ‘linked’ website up top.

  • 45 minutes = £2.40
  • Two hours at £4.50
  • The cost is £6 for 90 minutes.
  • £8 for four hours;

Although handicapped parking is available, please be aware that this location only accepts cash.

This parking lot is around 1 kilometre from the test centre. Following Buccleuch Street south, past East Meadows Playpark, and onto the slip road leading to “Sciennes” is a very straightforward stroll.

In addition, the test location is conveniently located near a bus stop. Proceed east from the parking lot, over the bend, and you’ll see the bus stop just beyond Sainsbury’s Local shop; that’s where you need to go to get to this. Ride the 30 Wester Hailes bus until you reach the East Preston Street stop. Just a minute’s walk westward will bring you to the test site, which is conveniently located near this bus stop.


From many other cities and towns outside of Edinburgh, there are many bus services that go into the city centre. For your convenience, we have outlined six essential services that could be suitable for your visit to the site.

2: From east to west of Edinburgh, you can use the number 2. If you’re using this route, get off at East Preston Street and read up on the Nicolson Square Car Park section for further details.

Route 30: It links the city’s western edges to the town of Musselburgh, which is located about five miles east of Edinburgh. Kindly disembark from this bus at East Preston Street once again.

31: Once again, this bus leaves from or returns to the city’s western suburbs; however, instead of travelling east of Edinburgh, it proceeds south. Please exit at Newington Road if you are using this route. This bus stop is 300 metres northwest of the test site, so it’s a short walk.

33: From the southeastern and southwestern directions, this route connects to the heart of Edinburgh. Leaving East Preston Street is required once more.

37: Between the city’s southern and northern suburbs, the 37 makes shuttle stops. Near the “Sciennes,” you’ll see two bus stops along this route. You can get off the bus at either Bernard Terrace or the previously stated Newington Street. Each of these stations is around the same distance from the testing location. To reach ‘Sciennes’ from Bernard Terrace, head southwest, first turning right onto Hope Park Terrace, and then continuing south.

41: The route this service covers is from the city’s northwest to its southern regions. If you are taking this route, please get off at Buccleuch Street. From this bus stop, you can follow the directions to the venue.

To view more bus routes and more information, visit the corresponding ‘Moovit’ dashboard page at this link.


The biggest and most convenient train station in the city, Edinburgh Waverley, is also the one closest to the exam site. You can rest assured that you should be able to access this site from anywhere near your locality, as this station presides over services from all around the UK.

Regrettably, the location is located approximately 1.6km from Edinburgh Waverley. Proceeding on foot to the testing location will take around 22 minutes. Still, it’s an easy stroll down the A7 until you reach Hope Park Terrace, when you’ll make a U-turn and go on to “Sciennes.” Just outside the train station, you may catch the 33 Millerhill route to East Preston Street if you’d rather take public transport. Previous sections have previously guided how to get to the venue from this location.

Please visit the appropriate ScotRail page for information regarding departure and arrival times as well as to view the amenities that this station provides.

Station address:

Princes Street,




For booking assistance, call the Life in the UK Test Helpline at 0800 015 4245 (Monday–Friday, 8 am–4 pm)