Exeter Life in the UK Test Centre

PSI Exeter
Brittany House, 2nd Floor,
New North Road,


In the very core of Exeter, Brittany House on New North Road (B3183) is where the testing facility for cars is situated. The M5 highway provides good access to the heart of Exeter since it goes straight through the eastern part of the city. If you’re coming from the west, you can reach the test site via the A30 and the A377.


The test centre is conveniently located near several bus stops because of its central location. Please try to arrive at one of the following bus stops in Exeter if you are using a service that is part of the city’s local bus network:

Portland House, High Street, or Paris Street. You can reach all of these places by foot from Brittany House in just a few minutes. Additionally, the test location is slightly south of Exeter Bus Station, which is located just over 300m away.

To arrange your own travel, go to the “bus routes” part of the following link.


Brittany House is conveniently located near Exeter Central, one of numerous train stations in the city. Still, the majority of Exeter’s public transport stops at Exeter St David’s. Consequently, your service may report to this station instead of Exeter Central if you’re arriving from a very far place.


The station is located approximately 650 metres west of Brittany House if you are travelling to the venue from Exeter Central. Continue south on Queen Street until you reach Northernay Gardens, where you’ll turn left. After you’ve walked around the outside of Exeter Castle on these grounds, turn right onto New North Road and head south towards the testing site.

Those travelling from Exeter St. David’s: Just west of Brittany House, about 1.25 kilometres away, is the station. Proceed east on Howell Road until you reach New North Road, where you will turn right. Walk directly ahead for one kilometre to get to the test location from here. On the other hand, just outside the station is where you can get the 5A bus to Exeter City Centre. The bus stop for Portland House is located around 100 metres north of Brittany House, so that’s where you should get off. You should expect to spend about eighteen minutes making your way through this route.

Looking for more details about Exeter Central and Exeter St. David’s station? The Great Western Railway has you covered with its website dedicated to both stations.


There are several parking options in the area. Although it is attached to Brittany House, the Unite Northernay Car Park can only accommodate eight parking spots. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot, parking tickets that cover four hours cost £6. But you should plan ahead and have an alternate parking spot in mind.

A more practical option might be the Howell Road Car Park, which is situated only 150 metres north of the testing site. You may park here for £3.40 for two hours, giving you more than enough time to get to the site, take the exam, and get back to your car. Travel south on Howell Road and Longbrook Street, passing the venue on your way to the B3183, to get to Brittany House.

You can find alternative parking spots by going to the corresponding Parkopedia page.

The Life in the UK Test Helpline is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Call 0800 015 4245 if you need assistance with your booking.