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Luton, situated to the north of London, benefits from transport connections via the M1 and A6. Situated on the north-western periphery of Luton test centre, the test site is roughly 2.5 kilometres from the city centre. The Life in the UK Test is administered at the Business and Education Centre, which is adjacent to the Lucky House Chinese restaurant on Leagrave Road.

Sadly, there aren’t many parking options nearby. Although limited on-site parking is available, its availability cannot be confirmed prior to your arrival. The car parks Beech Hill and Birch Link, which are in closest proximity to the exam centre, have a maximum stay of two hours. This leaves insufficient time to reach the designated location, complete the examination, and return to your vehicle.

The viable closest parking facility is located on Crawley Road. Nonetheless, this is more than 2 kilometres distant. If you are at ease with this journey, kindly access comprehensive car park information by clicking on the provided link. It is worth noting that Kenilworth Road, located approximately five minutes on foot from the Crawley Road car park, provides access to a connecting bus service (ascend Crawley Road and make a left turn onto Moor Street). At the junction, make a right turn towards Kenilworth Road. The service designated as number 27 Marsh Farm will deliver you directly to the exit of the testing site.


The test venue is accessible via a single primary bus route, which is designated as number 27. Once more, if utilising this service, please disembark at the Millfield Road bus stop, which is located within twenty metres of the Business and Education Centre.

When utilising an alternative service that operates in the vicinity, it is advisable to make an effort to reach either the Tudor Road or Saxon Road bus terminals. These are both accessible on foot in ten minutes from the testing location, which is situated to the south of the venue.

Travel By Train

Due to its distance of approximately 2.5 kilometres from the testing site, Luton Train Station is not a feasible destination on foot. If you prefer to proceed on foot, kindly bypass Bury Park and turn left onto Leagrave Road. A 1.5-kilometer, long, straight trek leads to the location.

Alternatively, you might opt to utilise the 27 Marsh Farm service once more by boarding the bus departing from Silver Street. Adjacent to Luton Mall, this bus stop is situated at a distance of approximately eight minutes on foot from the train station.

Getting to Luton Train Station is straightforward from the majority of the nation. To obtain comprehensive information regarding live departure and arrival schedules, station amenities, and general details, kindly access the Thames Link Railway website at the provided link.

Station address:

Station Road,


LU1 2L

For assistance with your reservation, please dial 0800 015 4245 to reach the Life in the UK Test Helpline (operational hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm).