Newcastle Life in the UK Test Centre

PSI Newcastle
Arden House, 4th Floor,
Regent Centre,


Just outside of Newcastle in the district of Gosforth is where you’ll find the city’s testing facility. Arden House is part of the Regent Centre complex and serves as the venue. The best roads to take to get to Gosforth, where the exam is being held, are the A1 and the A167.

Nearby public transportation and plenty of quality parking make up for the venue’s location about 5km outside of Newcastle’s city centre.

Regent Centre Metro Car Park

You may reach the test centre by foot in around three minutes from this on-site parking lot. These hours are 7.00am to 12.30am. Access to the facility is complimentary beginning at 5:00 PM. There is a flat rate of £1.20 for parking from 7.00 am to 5.00 pm, which does not vary based on the length of your stay.

Both cash and the PayByPhone service line are acceptable methods of payment. Just text 65565 and include the Location ID, 805546, to pay over the phone. This parking park has places reserved for people with disabilities.

It is necessary to walk around the Regent Centre in order to reach the venue, even though this parking lot is quite near to the test centre. As you make your way along Regent Farm Road, take a right at the roundabout and the complex will be on your right. On the other side of the property lies Arden House.

Park on Salters Road

You can access this parking lot at any time, day or night. Nevertheless, fees are only levied from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. There is no fee to park on Sundays or outside of these times.

Parking here costs only £0.30 per hour, making it another budget-friendly choice. Just a heads up, there’s a 3-hour limit on how long users can park at this spot. And yet, you’ll still have plenty of time to locate the testing location, complete the exam, and get back to your car.

Cash or phone payments are also acceptable. Please dial 0191-628-0000 or send an SMS to 65565, quoting the Location ID 805441, if you are using the PayByPhone payment service. This car park has spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

Just about 800 metres separate you from the venue. Proceed straight ahead at the first roundabout after taking a right turn onto Regent Road North as you head northbound on Hedley Terrace. Go straight ahead to Arden House at the Regent Centre.

You can find other parking options here, though we think these are the best.


Despite the testing venue’s distance from Newcastle City Centre, Regent Centre is accessible by a number of bus lines. We’ve drawn attention to four primary pathways.


From Slatyford, which is west of Newcastle city centre, to Kenton, which is north of the city, this service runs. Disembark at Ivy Road, which is located right off Salters Road. Walking north on Regent Road North for 800 metres will bring you to the venue. Kindly bear right at the roundabout and proceed straight ahead to reach the Regent Centre.


From the heart of Newcastle to Dinnington, this bus travels in a north-south direction. You may get off at the Regent Centre stop, which is very next to the parking lot. Hence, if you need to make a connection, go to the instructions provided for the Regent Centre Car Park.


Beginning to the east of Gosforth, this path ends at the Regents Centre. As a result, get off the bus at the very last stop.


On a transit line that runs north-east to south-west, a number of ‘X’ services (X10, X11, X21, X22) travel between Newcastle and Blyth/Ashington. The X10 bus departs from Middlesbrough and stops in the heart of Newcastle; it does not continue northward towards the venue because of this. The Regent Centre is the hub for all other routes.


Newcastle and its environs are served by a metro line. You can reach the Regent Centre quickly and easily by taking the green line. Newcastle Airport is the final stop on this route that begins in South Hylton, Sunderland.

The Regent Central station’s amenities, departure and arrival schedules, and more may be discovered on the Metro website.

Regent Centre Metro address

Great North Road,

West Gosforth,



Many trains come into Newcastle Central Train Station every day from all around the nation, making it a major transportation hub. The station is more than 5 kilometres away from the test centre, which is too far to walk in a reasonable amount of time. The 31 bus, on the other hand, will get you quite near to the location. Kindly make your way to the bus stop on Clayton Street West, which is about a three-minute walk westbound from Newcastle Central. Return to Ivy Road for your last stop on the 31 (Fawdon) bus as it heads north. Regarding the next steps for your journey, please review the previous instructions. It will take around half an hour to complete this trip.

Station address:

Neville Street,


Tyne & Wear,


Specifics of the Testing Facility

It is important to be aware that the public transport system will deliver you to the Regent Centre’s eastern side. For that reason, as indicated earlier, the standard route to Arden House is Regent Farm Road, a right turn at the roundabout, and onwards into the complex. For those who prefer to walk, the Regent Centre is easily accessible; just continue straight ahead at the roundabout on Regent Road North and make a right.

You can reach the Life in the UK Test Helpline between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. For assistance with your booking, please call 0800 015 4245.