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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UK Partner Visas.

Which Partner Visa is Right for You?
  1. Civil Partner Visa A UK Civil Partner Visa allows foreign nationals to enter or remain in the UK if they are in a civil partnership with a British citizen or person with UK settled status.
  2. Proposed Civil Partner A UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa is for engaged partners of British citizens or persons with UK settled status who wish to enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of their arrival.
  3. Unmarried Partner Visa (DeFacto Visa) A  UK Unmarried Partner visa (also known as a Defacto Visa) allows an unmarried partner of a British citizen or a person with UK-settled status to enter or remain in the UK.
Avoid Costly Application Mistakes.
Did you know that over 15% of UK visa applications are rejected because of avoidable errors? With some visa types, this figure rises to almost 50%! For many people, this means having to pay again to re-apply, causing unwanted expenses, stress, and delays.

Let us Manage the Visa Application Process for You, Risk-Free!

Whichever Partner Visa you need, UK Immigration Solicitors can help you complete and submit your application successfully, ensuring you meet all of the necessary requirements.

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