Permanent Residency: Will Brexit ever let us Settle?

The Brexit mess has left us all very worried about what the future holds for your work and family life. Like so many other hard-working people from the EU, all you want to know is where you can settle and feel “at home.” The situation is not fair – especially when you didn’t even have a vote in the referendum.

Under the current rules, you need to have been in the UK for at least five years before applying for Permanent Residency (PR). So even if you and your family have been in the UK for two or three years there isn’t anything you can do to change your situation. But how can you plan for the future until you know where you can settle?  If you already have PR, will you be pressured to register as a British Citizen and pay the huge fees for that?

The Prime Minister hasn’t even guaranteed Permanent Residency (PR) for those already in the UK. For all we know, there could be calls for new work visas after Brexit – which will no doubt cost you more money. Doesn’t the UK want you in an ambitious workforce planning your career, with your family committed to being a part of that future? After all, this pays back into the economy and serves everyone well in the end.

If you would like to find out more about Permanent Residency (PR) and settling in the UK click here or call us on 02033844389.

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