Procedures and Requirements For Spouse Visa in the UK

Requirements and Procedures for a Spouse Visa in the UK

Requirements For Spouse Visa

The United Kingdom has some of the most strict requirements for spouse visa globally. To confirm your eligibility, you will be required to provide an extensive amount of documentation confirming your link’s authenticity. Your UK sponsor must have a yearly income above £18,600. Additionally, ensuring that you own a large amount of living is essential.

The kind of visa you need will depend on the unique circumstances of your scenario. If you want to join your spouse in the UK, you must apply for a spouse visa. Being in a serious relationship with a British citizen or permanent resident is another legitimate reason to employ it. To apply for a spouse visa, your spouse must be either a naturalised British citizen or a British citizen by birth.

Although you meet all the requirements for a spouse visa to the United Kingdom, it is essential to note that a fiancé visa is only valid for six months, during which the marriage ceremony must take place. The validity period of spouse or unmarried partner visas is 30 months. Following the first 30-month period, you may apply for a 30-month extension. Upon the completion of the five years, you will have the opportunity to submit an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and, subsequently, pursue British citizenship.

What are the Spouse Visa financial requirements?

The sponsor, who is a UK national, is required to fulfil specific requirements.

First, you and your spouse or partner must prove that you are financially stable and do not need government assistance.

Without dependent children, the UK spouse must earn at least £18,600 before taxes.

To satisfy the financial criterion, you will need an additional £3,800 before taxes if you have one dependent kid. The sponsor’s contribution will increase by £2,400 for every other kid.

The person who meets certain conditions is known as the sponsor, and they are a UK citizen.

What happens if I can’t afford it?

Seek the opinion of our professional immigration attorneys if you are uncertain about your income or if you do not have enough money from all the above sources to fulfil the financial criteria for a partner or spouse visa. In such cases, extraordinary circumstances may apply.

UK Spouse Visa English language requirement

The English language requirement for a UK Spouse Visa

Non-British applicants for spouse visas must prove to the Home Office that they can communicate in English at a competent level.

You have two options to prove your competence:

  • Have passed an official English test at the necessary level (A1 or better, depending on your situation).
  • Have completed degree-granting coursework or research in English at an accredited university.
  • Have your birthplace in an English-speaking nation.

Accommodation for Partner Visa Applicants

You and your spouse must get suitable housing in the UK to accommodate your family. Many things may be considered here:

  • A flat
  • A temporary place to live
  • A home that is mortgaged or owned.

A couple can usually get by in a flat with only one bedroom and a shared bed. Still, every kid above the age of one needs a bedroom in the family.

Our sites in London, Manchester, and Birmingham are just a few UK sites where we can assist you with your spouse’s visa application.

Required Documents for a Partner Visa Application

Your application will have a better chance of being approved if you gather the following papers and submit them with your application:

  • Evidence of your love for your partner: data about you, including images, conversation and phone records, joint bank accounts, and financial transactions.
  • Evidence that the two of you have met in person.
  • Documentation confirming the candidate’s proficiency in the English language. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores, a degree from an English-speaking institution, or a passport from a country whose official language is English might all be acceptable formats.
  • Evidence showing your income is at least the minimum required level: financial records, pay stubs, and employment contracts that detail pay rates
  • A shared tenancy agreement or mortgage might prove you fulfil the housing criterion.

Is there more proof of a real connection between you and your spouse?

Extra paperwork might be required of you, depending on your situation. For competent assistance, contact one of our specialists now.

The reality of the relationship Requirement

If you and your British citizen partner want to stay in the UK together, you must show that you’re in love and that your relationship is real.

The following are the primary factors that the Home Office considers while determining the authenticity of your relationship:

  • At least once throughout your marriage, you and your spouse must have met in person.
  • To apply for an Unmarried Partner Visa, you and your partner must have been in a committed relationship for at least two years without marriage.

As a couple, you must show that you’ve been spending time together. Chat and call records, joint photos, and joint bank accounts may all help prove your relationship.

Application Procedures for a Spouse Visa

Make sure you begin applying for a spouse visa well before your intended arrival in the UK, and wait to make any travel arrangements until you have received your visa from the Home Office.

Applying for a spouse visa to the United Kingdom may begin online from outside the country by filling out Appendix FM and other relevant paperwork. Nevertheless, you may be required to submit your biometrics at a visa application facility. To improve your chances of getting a UK spouse or partner visa, you must complete several applications accurately and provide enough proof.

There is a minor change to the procedure for applying from within the UK for a spouse visa; evidence of being in the country on an eligible visa is required.

The Home Office may ask you to attend a spouse visa interview if they have any concerns with your application throughout the screening process. The purpose of the interview is to ascertain whether or not your connection and intentions in the UK are real.

Applying for a spouse visa alone may be a difficult and time-consuming ordeal. Allow us to be of service to you. To discuss your Spouse Visa UK application with one of our immigration attorneys, call  0203 384 4389 or submit an online inquiry now.

When I apply for a Spouse Visa, what happens if they say no?

If the Home Office rejects your application, you can appeal their decision. The immigration advisor is the finest person to help you through this complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Whatever part of your case, UK immigration solicitors can help. Please get in touch with our immigration consultants at your earliest convenience if you want assistance with the appeal process for your spouse’s visa.

Among our many UK locations are Birmingham, Manchester, and London. Locating the nearest branch is also possible with the help of the office locator.

What is the application fee for a UK Spouse Visa?

Any overseas applicant must pay the current Home Office charge of £1,538 to apply for a spouse visa. The fee drops to £1,048 if you use it from within the United Kingdom. If you’re applying with dependents, the cost will increase for each.

Applying from inside the UK is only possible if you do not intend to enter the nation as a tourist or if your stay in the UK is longer than six months. Applying for a fiancee’s or intended civil partner’s visa from inside the UK is impossible.

Before you submit your paperwork, be sure you can afford the extra fees associated with your UK Spouse Visa application. Among them are:

  • Professional document translation services for languages other than English and Welsh
  • An official English proficiency exam that most employers want
  • If you want a response from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) within five business days, you may pay extra for their Priority Premium Service via the Home Office.
  • A health surcharge for immigrants