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There is a lot of paperwork, dates, and other requirements that need to be met to apply for, renew, or switch a spouse visa. One of the most important parts of these requirements—and one that causes applicants a lot of anxiety—is proof of income. Proving your financial stability is crucial. In this article, we will discuss the significance of presenting evidence of income. Also, spouse visa financial requirements, and how to handle this part of extending a spouse visa.

The financial requirement spouse visa is one of the qualifying requirements for spouse visas. It allows applicants to join their partners in the UK or change visa categories to remain here based on their relationship.

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Provide Your Income Proof

Your partner and you must make at least £18,600 a year together if

  • As a partner, you are applying.
  • You have 5 years to get “indefinite leave to remain” if you want to live in the UK permanently.
  • If you have kids who:

  • Are not citizens of Britain or Ireland
  • do not already have a status
  • are not living in the UK permanently
  • People who live in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland and whose children are not fully settled in the UK may not have to show proof that they have extra money. 

    You’ll need to make extra money for your kids if you need to:

  • Your first child will cost £3,800 a year.
  • £2,400 a year for every child you have after your first one
  • There must be a certain amount of money to qualify. You might have some funds that you could use instead of income. Furthermore, the method by which you demonstrate you possess the money depends on how you earned it.

    What constitutes income?

    Both of you have the option to utilise:

  • self-employment income (as shown on your P60 or payslips) before taxes and national insurance (this income must be earned in the UK to be used).
  • What kind of income did you get from working for yourself or as a director of a limited business in the UK? Look at your Self-assessment tax return.
  • more than £16,000 saved in cash
  • money earned through a pension plan
  • cash from sources other than work, like rent or dividends
  • It is necessary to provide evidence of continuous receipt of income from self-employment or employment for at least six months to use that revenue.

    How do you need to prove it?

    With your application, you’ll need to show proof that you can pay the rent. If either you or your spouse has a job, you could include:

  • Bank records that show how much money you or your partner makes
  • 6 months of pay stubs
  • a signed letter from a boss that is dated and on company letterhead
  • The letter from the company must confirm:

  • Both of you have jobs there.
  • The name of the business you run with your partner
  • Duration of employment for either you or your spouse
  • The nature of the agreement (e.g., long-term, short-term)
  • What each of you earns before paying taxes and NI
  • The length of time that you and your partner have received your present pay
  • The pay stubs are authentic. 
  • You will be directed to include specific documents when you submit your application online.
    Refer to appendix FM 1.7: financial need for guidance in the following situations:

  • Examples of non-employment sources of income for you or your partner include managing a limited liability company, savings, or a pension.
  • It has been six months since you or your spouse took parental leave.
  • you’re looking to diversify your revenue streams
  • The specific instructions in the above guide also specify what proof is required for each source of income you are using.

    What if you’re unable to meet the requirement of minimum income?

    In order to settle in 5 years as a partner, you must prove that you and your partner fulfil the minimum income criterion. You can have the option to settle in 10 years if you don’t meet the condition.

    If you are exempt from the income requirement

    There are two scenarios in which you might be able to avoid having to prove that you have a minimum income to settle in five years:

  • Applying on behalf of your child
  • Benefits such as Disability Living Allowance and Carer’s Allowance are available to you.
  • Rather than asking the government for handouts, you should prove that you and your family can live comfortably on your own.
    The caseworker takes your income and housing expenses into account.


    Whether you’re asking for an extension, changing visas, or bringing your spouse to join you in a new nation, proving your income is an important part of renewing a spousal visa. Improving your chances of a successful visa renewal involves showing that you are financially stable and can support both you and your spouse. Renewing your visa with confidence becomes easier when you understand the required income proof and keep all your documentation in order. If you need assistance you can contact our expert solicitors.

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