UK Spouse Visa Requirements

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How can we help you today?
How can we help you today?

What are the UK Spouse Visa Requirements?

The UK has set some of the hardest standards to fulfil to obtain a Spouse Visa. To prove your eligibility, you must provide several official documents that show the genuineness of your relationship. Your UK sponsor must make more than £18,600 annually. Additionally, you’ll need to have enough accommodation.

What are spouse visa requirements?

When applying for a UK Spouse Visa, ensuring a successful application hinges on satisfying a stringent set of eligibility criteria, and the provision of compelling evidence pertaining to:

  1. A Genuine & Eligible Relationship

Demonstrating the authenticity of your relationship is paramount. This can be established through:

  1. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) places great emphasis on the legitimacy and continuing nature of your relationship, aiming to thwart any instances of fraudulent partnerships.

    For expert insights into whether your relationship meets the genuine criteria, consult our immigration solicitors for guidance.

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Financial Requirements for UK Spouse Visa

Securing a spouse visa entails meeting specific financial thresholds. The applicant and their UK-based partner must collectively earn a minimum gross annual income of £18,600. If children are involved, an additional £3,800 per year for the first child and £2,400 for each subsequent child is required. For instance, an applicant with two dependant children would need an income of £24,800, rising to £27,200 for three children.

Only the following income sources will be taken into account:

Exemptions from the financial requirement are possible if the sponsor receives income from sources like disability benefits, armed forces payments, or other eligible sources. However, note that exemption for the sponsor doesn’t absolve the applicant from demonstrating the capacity to sustain themselves in the UK and ensuring adequate accommodation without recourse to public funds.

For comprehensive assistance, our immigration solicitors are available to offer tailored advice.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

English Language Requirement

Fulfilling the English language criterion as a partner and spouse visa applicant can be achieved in three ways:

Accommodation Requirements

Applicants must establish appropriate UK accommodation that is:

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Avoid Costly Application Mistakes

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The UK Spouse Visa Extension process can be complex. In fact, between 15 – 50% of UK visa applications are rejected because of avoidable errors. For many people, that means having to pay again to re-apply, causing unwanted expenses, stress, and delays.

UK Immigration Solicitors can help you complete and submit your application successfully, ensuring you meet all of the necessary requirements.

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