EU Residents in UK Pre-Brexit Rights Reversed by Home Office

UK Pre-Brexit Rights Reversed by Home Office

The Home Office recently made a significant decision affecting the rights of UK EU residents, particularly those who applied wrongly for permanent residence cards after Brexit. This article delves into the changes in UK pre-Brexit rights reversed by the Home Office, the digital-only EU settlement plan, and the repercussions of the altered guidelines. Read more […]

Why are Brexit Plans So Secret?

What are the Brexit Plans? We’re constantly reminded that we live in a democracy. We’re always being told that “Brexit” is the “will of the people.” That’s why no matter how close the vote was, we must go forth with the Brexit plans. But what are they? The BBC televised a 90-minute question time yesterday […]

Why a Second Referendum Could Just Repeat the Same Mistake

There were calls for a second Referendum since approximately…the 24th of June 2016. Most of those calls have no doubt come from those who felt bitter about the loss. However, there is a lot of intelligent and considered thought – which only ever seems to happen in hindsight – about the nature of the original referendum […]

Brexit Britain: what will it really cost?

The EU was foundered on four basic freedoms: Goods, People, Services and Capital. The intention was that these four factors should be inseparable in promoting and preserving a unity that would serve all member states. Jean-Pierre Raffarin – the chair of the 51 page inquiry report written by the French senate – has been clear […]

Permanent Residency and Job Security: Too much to save the NHS?

No-one likes to feel undervalued in their job, and especially not those who work in the caring professions. NHS nurses are no exception to this, and the nursing profession in the NHS. Despite being the best part of eight months since the Brexit vote, EU nationals still have no solid commitment from the government on […]

Brexit Shambles: or a cover for Institutional Racism?

Theresa May is a very different kind of PM to David Cameron and pretty much all recent male PMs since Blair. She isn’t the “PR” washed, personality-bleached usual character we see at the helm, preened and polished by PR, carrying a great big whip.  No: May is more private, slithery and calculating. And that is […]

Brexit Shambles: Why don’t we listen to our Experts?

Sir Ivan Rogers is a remarkably experienced, respected and decorated expert in international negotiations – so much so he was knighted in the 2016 honours list. His resignation from his position in Brussels marks another example of the Brexit Shambles we find ourselves in. It is hard to find anything positive that has been said, […]

Brexit Plan: Stop All the Clocks

Two years to leave the union; ten years to negotiate trade deals; and 140 years to process the paperwork of current EU migrants residing in the UK post Brexit Plan. Bureaucracy is one thing…but that is just ridiculous. It’s an astonishing amount of time if you consider we currently live in a world that goes […]