Terms of Business

UK Immigration Solicitors is an authorised trading style of SABZ Solicitors LLP.

We pride ourselves on absolute clarity in all that we do. Nobody likes jargon or small print but sadly, we have little alternative other than to keep reminding you of all the boring (but important) stuff.

Please take this request seriously and help us to further our pursuit of absolute clarity – we don’t like hidden small print so we remind you of all our terms on all our website pages and all of our emails too.

We want (and need) everybody that chooses to interact with us to understand that there are a number of terms, policies and agreements which strictly govern your interaction with us.

By interaction, we mean any form of contact with us when in person, by phone or any electronic method.

We understand that it may not be the most exciting of ventures but it is extremely important that you read and understand the collective terms of business that govern the relationship between you and us.

Granted, we cannot force you to read it, but the most we can do is strongly insist you do so and make you aware that you will automatically be deemed to have read understood and accepted our collective terms of business by interacting with any aspect of our service so it’s vital that you understand your responsibilities. If for any reason whatsoever, you don’t understand or agree to our terms of business, then you should immediately withdraw from interacting with us as continued interaction would also be considered as full acceptance and agreement to our terms of business.

Please take the time to fully understand your obligations as SABZ Solicitors LLP has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that you have been made aware of all information which is relevant to the handling of your instructions. Accordingly, we require all visitors to our website to expressly confirm their understanding and acceptance of the same.


In these terms of business, UK Immigration Solicitors and or SABZ Solicitors LLP is referred to as “we/our/us”. Telephone/email enquirers, website users, clients any other party which has interacted with us are referred to as “you/your”.

Our status

We are a UK headquartered limited liability partnership (LLP) company incorporated in England and Wales as SABZ Solicitors LLP trading as UK Immigration Solicitors.

Entire terms

The eight terms, agreements, and policies set out below collectively form our terms of business and are the only terms between us. Save as explained in each respective policy/agreement, they will not change unless we replace them in their entirety.


If any term is invalid, then it shall be deemed changed just in so far as necessary to make the term valid. Where that is not possible, then the invalid term shall be deleted. No change or deletion shall affect any other term.


We may amend these terms of business from time to time, and your only notice of such amendment shall be the posting of an amended or updated policies on this Site. You are therefore advised to review our terms of business each time you visit our website or interact with us irrespective of the medium used.

Please check from time to time for updates. Your use of these services means you have accepted these terms of business and your continued interaction/use of our services means you are consenting to any updates. If you do not wish to agree to these terms of business, please do not use any of our services.

Age and Relationship

You must be above the legal age of consent (or above the age of 18, whichever is higher) to use these services. In addition, you confirm that where you are not deemed to meet the age of consent, you will explain and share our terms of business with any party who is acting on your behalf and advise them that any and all interactions between them, you and us are governed by our collective terms of business.