The Impact of the UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement Increase in 2024 

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Immigration laws and visa requirements are often changing, which has an effect on the lives of numerous people who want to reunite with family members who live abroad. The UK has been at the forefront of updating immigration rules recently, especially with regard to the financial requirements for spouse visas. The expected rise in UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement 2024 is expected to significantly affect families, couples, and their goals of living together in the country.

UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement 2024

The non-UK resident partner of a person who is either a British citizen, has settled status in the UK, or is in the UK under humanitarian or refugee leave must meet the financial criteria outlined in the Immigration Rules.

You have to meet the financial requirements (a minimum income threshold) for spouse visas unless you are exempt. The minimum gross yearly income requirement for a partner applying under Appendix FM, without dependent children, is £18,600. Beginning in the spring of 2024, this minimum barrier will rise to £38,700.

You will need to provide proof of an extra £3,800 for the first kid and an additional £2,400 for each additional child if you are applying with a dependent child. This additional financial criterion for a spouse visa applies if the kid is not a UK or Irish citizen, does not have pre-settled status, or is not permanently residing in the UK.

Understanding the Spouse Visa Financial Changes UK

The UK government makes sure its immigration laws are up to date with changing socioeconomic circumstances by reviewing them on a regular basis. One such change is the planned increase in the financial criterion for spouse visas. 

On December 4, 2023, the Home Secretary declared that the government intended to raise the minimum income requirement for UK spouses and UK partner visa income threshold to £38,700 (from £18,600) in the spring of 2024.

Effects on Couples and Families

This change in financial resources poses a big obstacle for couples who want to live together in the UK. Meeting these higher financial standards may prove difficult for many people. It may create obstacles, dividing families or making couples spend much time apart while trying to fit the new criteria.

Challenges encountered

The UK Spouse Visa’s financial requirements can pose a variety of difficulties. It may be particularly difficult for couples with different situations—self-employment, non-traditional income sources, or living in areas with different costs of living—to fulfil the updated financial requirements.

Strategies for Mitigation

Couples and families who are impacted by the increased UK visa financial requirements must investigate several options in light of these changes. Consulting with immigration solicitors or experts who focus on UK immigration law may be quite beneficial. Understanding the intricacies of the financial requirements is crucial. Exploring alternative revenue streams or seeking assistance could offer viable options.


What is the spouse visa’s financial requirement?

Currently, the requirement is to demonstrate a combined annual income of at least £18,600. However, this threshold is set to rise to £38,700 in Spring 2024. The minimal salary level rises for each dependent kid who is neither a British citizen nor has settled in the UK.

How can I be eligible financially for a UK spouse visa?

The financial requirements for the UK Spouse Visa can be satisfied in several ways. These include salary, self-employment income, dividends, income from rental properties, pension income, personal savings, and more.

What is the cost of a spouse visa to the UK?

Applications for spouse visas from outside the UK cost £1,846 for the Home Office processing charge. But applications from within the UK cost £1,048.

Final Thoughts

The financial requirements for UK Spouse Visas are set to rise in 2024. This change would significantly alter the situation for families and couples hoping to reunite in the country. Moreover, these changes could present major challenges. Impacted people and their families can overcome these hurdles by exploring other options, seeking advice from professionals, and engaging in advocacy initiatives.

The Home Secretary‘s latest announcement represents a substantial change in the UK’s immigration policies. It aims to strike a balance between addressing skills shortages and restricting the quantity of immigration. The government will provide more information when issuing a Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules. This update might not be available until March 2024.

In the meantime, strategic considerations are essential as families and businesses negotiate these changes. Companies should evaluate their needs for new hires both now and in the future. They should consider expediting visa applications in advance of the anticipated increases. Spouses, partners, and fiancés ideally should consider applying before the authorities raise the minimum income criteria. Alternatively, they can determine whether they qualify to join or stay in the UK due to human rights violations.

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