UK Charity Worker Visa

Learn more about the requirements if you want to apply for the Charity Worker Visa in order to perform temporary chatok in the UK.

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Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa

Individuals who wish to volunteer in the UK for up to 12 months can apply for the Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa.
While the Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa is not a route to permanent residency, your partner and children can apply as dependants.

While holding a Charity Worker Visa, you have the flexibility to undertake unpaid charity work for your sponsor, pursue studies, and take on a second job. However, the second job must align with either the same sector as your primary job or a role listed on the Shortage Occupation List, eliminating the need for an additional worker visa.

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Who is eligible for the Temporary Work?

UK Visas & Immigration requires the following requirements in order to grant you a Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa Worker Visa:

In order to qualify for a Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa Worker Visa, you will need to satisfy UK Visas & Immigration that:
If you want to enter the UK through the Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa route, you must apply for a visa from outside the UK. In order to apply for this route or the Religious Worker route, you must not have been granted permission on these routes within the 12 months immediately prior to your application, unless you can prove that you were not in the UK during this time.

You must provide a valid tuberculosis certificate if necessary.

You may have to meet different requirements depending on your situation. To ensure that any mistakes can be identified, and a solid strategy can be developed and implemented, you must seek professional advice and guidance as soon as possible.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

What Jobs are Eligible for the Temporary Work?

The work you plan to do must meet three criteria to qualify as charity work under the Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa.
Your fieldwork must first directly contribute to the charitable purpose of your sponsor. There are activities that do not normally require payment for wages or salaries included in this category. These positions do not include routine administrative, retail, or fund-raising tasks.
Furthermore, the work can’t be remunerated or paid, unless you are remunerated for reasonable expenses incurred in the course of your duties.
Last but not least, you must not be attempting to fill a permanent position (even temporarily).

What is the financial requirement for the Temporary WorK?

If you have not been in the UK with permission for more than 12 months, you will not be eligible for a Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa unless you have held funds equal to at least £1,270 continuously for at least 28 consecutive days within the 31 days preceding your application.
Additionally, your sponsor can satisfy this requirement by confirming on the Certificate of Sponsorship that they will maintain you and provide you with accommodation for at least £1,270 for the duration of the first month of your stay in the UK.
In the case of applicants with dependents, they will also need to demonstrate that they can support themselves. The financial levels are £285 per partner, £315 per child, and £200 per additional child.
Temporary Work – Charity Worker visas require a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an A-rated Home Office licensed sponsor (except if you are applying for an extension to work for the same employer as when you were last granted leave to remain). Under the Charity Worker route, your sponsor must be a Home Office approved sponsor.
The certificate must confirm that the role you intend to perform meets the voluntary work requirements. It must not have already been used in a successful or unsuccessful application.
There must be at least three months between the sponsorship and the application date on the Certificate of Sponsorship. From the date it is assigned to you, the Certificate will be valid for 3 months. After this date, your application may be rejected for a Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa. After being assigned, the Sponsorship Certificate cannot be withdrawn or revoked.

What is the application process for the Temporary Work?

Application for Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visas can be made online. To apply, you will have to pay the healthcare surcharge.
Currently, a Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa costs £244. You must each submit an application and pay the fee separately if you are applying with dependents. Your application fee is automatically reduced by £55 if you are from:
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden or Turkey.
You must apply before the expiration of your current Temporary Work – Charity Worker visa if you wish to extend your stay.
If you apply from outside the UK, you should get a decision within three weeks.

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What Conditions Apply to the Temporary Work?

You will be able to enter and remain in the UK for up to 12 months if you have an approved Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa, or for the period on your certificate of sponsorship plus 14 days, whichever is shorter. The UK will allow you to enter up to 14 days before the start of your job.

Volunteering with other organizations is allowed, but you can only work in the role for which you are sponsored. If you qualify for an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate, you will be able to study.

Our experienced UK immigration Solicitors can help you with your immigration process.

How can UK Immigration Solicitors help me with Temporary Work?

Our expert legal team are highly experienced in assisting with the below services (where the option has been made available by UKVI and is considered appropriate)

New Applications – We can help you assess the merits, challenges and solutions to any issues arising whilst making a new application for the Temporary Work – Charity Worker Visa Worker Visa.

Legal Representations – Where applicable, if you find yourself in an unusual or challenging situation and want the Home Office to take notice of your special circumstances to ensure that you are treated fairly and your rights are respected, our expert team can make both oral and written persuasive legal representations.

Challenge a Refusal – If your application has been refused, we can consider your refusal for free and advise on the best course of action.

Administrative Review – Home Office or Immigration Rules can be challenged if the decision-maker failed to follow them correctly.

Judicial Review – If your application was denied illegally, unreasonable or procedurally improperly, our immigration lawyers can apply for Judicial Review and represent you at the Judicial Review hearing.

Appeal an Unfair Decision – The decision to refuse your application may provide you with a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. Our expert lawyers can advise you on and handle Appeals before the Immigration & Asylum Chamber (First Tier & Upper Tribunal)

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