UK Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa

PSW visas are known as “Post-Study Work” visas. Officially, the UK calls its PSW visa the Graduate Route.

Graduates from foreign universities may apply for a PSW visa via the graduate route, which allows them to remain in the UK for a certain amount of time after they finish their degree (two or three years, respectively).

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How Does a UK Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa Work?

PSW visa holders can stay in UK after study for two years after completing a qualifying undergraduate or master’s degree to do post-graduation work or find employment.

After completing a PhD at a qualified institution, international students must stay in the UK for a specific three-year period to work or search for employment. Graduates can remain in the UK on a PSW visa without needing a Certificate of Sponsorship or sponsorship from an educational institution or company. Once they transition to a PSW visa, their educational institution no longer supports them as students.

While PSW visa holders can attend further education while in the UK, it cannot be at a school that sponsors students for the Tier 4 General student visa, so graduates on this visa cannot work as professional athletes.

When a student changes their visa to a PSW visa, any dependent family members who are currently residing in the UK legally may continue to live with them. New dependents cannot join the PSW visa holder in the UK from outside the country, with the exception of children born in the UK.

You cannot extend your stay in the UK through the Graduate Immigration Route, and it will not contribute to your settlement in the UK. In the section that follows, we discuss ways to extend your stay in the United Kingdom beyond the PSW visa.

In light of the new graduate route, the Doctorate Extension Scheme, which formerly allowed PhD graduates to remain in the UK for an additional year, is no longer valid.

Qualifying Criteria for a UK Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa

The student must achieve 70 points under the points-based immigration system to be eligible for a PSW visa. After finishing a qualifying course of study in the UK, you receive points.

Thus, candidates are obligated to:

Scholarship-receiving international students need their home country’s government approval for a PSW visa to study in the UK.

Applicants applying for a UK Post-Study Work (PSW) visa are not mandated to showcase English proficiency or meet specific financial criteria.

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Citizens of the European Union

EEA or Swiss students in the UK with settled or pre-settled EU status don’t require a PSW visa. The PSW visa permits non-EU residents to stay in the UK without EU settlement authorization.

Which Courses Qualify for the UK Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa?

Those who want to apply must have successfully finished a course that grants either:
All applicants must ensure that the degree course matches the one on their Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). They must also have confirmation from the higher education institution that is funding them that they fulfil this requirement.

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UK Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa Application

The optimal way to apply for a PSW visa within the UK is through the internet.

Students are advised to apply while their student visa is still active instead of waiting until they graduate or receive a certificate of completion.
It will cost you £715 to apply for a PSW visa.

Additionally, applicantsmust pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which amounts to £624 for each year of UK leave.

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What Are My Alternatives for a Visa After a PSW Certificate?

A partner visa lets applicants enter the UK through ties with a permanent resident.

Get help to understand your options for staying in the UK based on your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, a child needs a visa in order to live in the UK. For instance, if their parent is a foreign national working or studying in the country, the child may need a Child Dependant Visa.

Officially known as the Graduate Route, a “Post-Study Work” (PSW) visa is a kind of student visa. Graduates in the UK can stay an extra two or three years post-degree. If you have an undergrad or master’s, you get two years; a PhD grants three years.
The application price for a UK PSW visa is £715. Additionally, you must pay the immigration health surcharge for each year of your stay.
From summer 2021, after completing a PhD, Master’s, or undergraduate degree, you can apply for a UK PSW visa. A college or university recognized by the United Kingdom’s Home Office must confer the degree.
A secured PSW visa with an undergrad or master’s degree is valid for two years. The duration of a PSW visa is three years if you have a doctorate and apply for one successfully. To stay legally after the Graduate Route term, apply for another visa category; the PSW visa cannot be extended.
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