UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa

The UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa for those in civil partnerships with British citizens or residents to go to the UK to be with them.

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How can we help you today?
How can we help you today?

What is UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa?

The Civil Partnership Visa (also known UK as the UK Civil Partner Visa) is a kind of family visa for the UK, just like the spouse and Unmarried Partner Visas.

It allows foreign nationals to live permanently in the UK with their British or Irish partners, with the ultimate goal being to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

There are many similarities between these visas. For example, the requirements to apply and the activities you can perform in the UK with them.

But unlike marriage or any other kind of connection, the UK Proposed Civil Partnership visa is valid just for couples who are in a legally binding civil partnership.

With a civil partnership visa, you can enter the UK for a maximum of two years and nine months. Then, it can be extended for an additional two years and six months.

Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. 

Who Could Submit a Visa Application for UK Proposed Civil Partnership Visa?

A Civil UK Partnership visa application is only available to you if your civil partner:

Also, you must meet the following requirements:

What Kind of Relationship Does a UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa Require?

Proving your legal and binding civil partnership is the most significant step in meeting the relationship criteria for this visa.

This can be achieved by presenting documentation of a legally recognized civil partnership certificate in the United Kingdom.

However, proof of your relationship’s authenticity and continuation will also be required by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). This means that your civil partner connection must be sincere, long-lasting, and free from dishonest motivations.

This is in place to make sure that individuals don’t just go into a civil partnership to sneak around UK immigration laws.

You can show the validity and sustainability of your civil partnership in a number of ways, most of which require presenting a variety of documents and evidence collected throughout the course of your relationship with your civil partner.

Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. 

How Do I Show That My Relationship Is Sincere?

You need to provide proof to UKVI and the Home Office that your civil partnership is real and active. If you want to get a UK Proposed Civil Partner visa.

You can do this by submitting a variety of documents with your visa application. Examples of which could be (but are not restricted to) the following:

It is also required of you to present documentation proving the complete breakup of any prior partnerships or marriages.

You can accomplish this by offering proof of a divorce or, in the event of a civil partnership, proof of separation.

How Can I Show That I Have the Required Amount of Money?

To show that you have the necessary funds, you can be asked to submit a variety of documentation.

These could consist of (but are not restricted to) the following:

The nature of the employment contract—permanent, fixed-term, etc.

After five years, you must prove you meet the financial conditions in order to be eligible for indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

If you are placed on a 10-year road to ILR rather than the customary 5-year route, you can still be eligible if you are unable to meet the financial requirements when you first apply for your Civil Partnership visa UK.

Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. 

How Much Does It Cost to Apply?

To be eligible for a UK Proposed Civil Partner visa, you and your spouse must prove that you earn a specific amount of money together. This will typically be £18,600.

You will need to contribute an additional £3,800 to your annual income if you want to include a dependant kid with your visa application. The annual need will increase by an additional £2,400 for each subsequent kid.

How much time can one have a civil partnership visa?

Upon receiving your initial leave of absence for your Civil Partnership visa, you will have thirty-three months—or two years and nine months—to spend in the UK.

You will be able to renew your visa for an additional 30 months, or two years and six months, when this first time is about to expire.

How Can I Apply for a UK Proposed Civil Partnership Visa?

Your Civil Partnership visa application must be submitted online.

Additionally, you need to apply for it in advance of your trip because entry clearance into the UK is dependent upon the approval of your visa application.

You will be required to complete the application form and provide all supporting documentation as part of the application process. You run the risk of having your visa application denied if you do not fill out the form completely and precisely.

When submitting your application, you must also pay your expenses in full.

You might also need to make an appointment at a nearby visa application center after submitting your application in order to provide your biometric data, which consists of your fingerprints and a picture.

What Are the Criteria for Residence?

You must provide the Home Office with proof that you will have a suitable place to remain while in the UK. That proof complies with the requirements when applying for a UK Proposed Civil Partner visa.

This is to make sure that throughout your visit to the UK, you won’t need to look for access to public funding.

The accommodation you choose while visiting the UK has to meet certain requirements in order for your Civil Partnership visa UK to be granted:

  • be possessed or used only by you and your family.
  • have been acquired without using government funding
  • Do not violate the overcrowding restrictions.
  • not offend public health laws

This condition can be fulfilled by submitting:

Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. 

What Proficiency Levels Are Needed in English?

It’s common for you to need to provide proof of your proficiency in English in order to be granted a Civil Partnership visa UK.

If any of the following describes you, you won’t be required to demonstrate your language proficiency or take an English language exam:

If none of these possibilities work for you, you must take and pass an authorized English language exam, earning an A1 or better rating according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Keep in mind that after you’ve lived in the UK for 2.5 years, this minimal language requirement will rise. You will now have to obtain an A2 or above on an authorized English language test in order to renew your visa and carry on residing in the UK.

In the event that the test provider hasn’t removed the results, you will be able to utilize the test result again when you renew your visa if you pass it with an A2 or better score on your initial application.


Which documents must I include with my application?

Along with your application for a UK proposed civil partner visa, you must submit the following supporting documentation and information:

Keep in mind that any document that is not in Welsh or English must also have a certified translation attached.

What Does the UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa Cost?

The application fee for a Civil Partnership visa is £1,538.

If you have any dependant children, including them in your application will cost an additional £1,538.

When you apply for a Civil Partnership visa, you will also be required to pay the immigration health premium. Adults pay £624 annually, while children under the age of eighteen pay £470.

Keep in mind that the following may also require additional costs from you:

What is the UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa Processing Time?

After the date of your appointment at the visa application center, it may take up to 24 weeks for your application for a UK Proposed Civil Partner visa to be processed.

But be aware that if any of the following hold true, this might take a little longer:

If you require faster processing of your visa, you might be eligible to utilize the Home Office’s super priority processing service.

Depending on when your biometrics appointment takes place this £800 guarantee ensures that your application is handled in one or two working days.

Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. 

With a UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa, What Can I Do?

You will have nearly unlimited freedom to live, work, and study in the UK if you have a UK proposed Civil Partner visa.

You won’t be subject to immigration controls and can travel freely to and from the UK.

But you won’t be able to use government money.

This implies that you will not be eligible for many of the state benefits that are offered to UK citizens and permanent residents.

Public money will only be accessible to you after your application for indefinite leave to remain is approved.

How Can UK Immigration Solicitors Assist?

The UK Civil Partner visa application procedure might be somewhat delayed due to the numerous qualifying requirements and supporting papers that must be met.

UK Immigration Solicitors can assist you if you need any guidance with your Civil Partnership visa, including if you’re unclear on how to apply or what steps you need to take to be eligible for this visa.

Our group of expert and competent immigration lawyers has years of expertise practicing UK immigration law. We can assist you in doing the same. We have assisted numerous people in overcoming obstacles in order to arrive and settle in the UK.

We can help you through the process whether you need professional guidance on how to prove that you fit the requirements for a UK Civil Partner visa, assistance setting together your supporting documentation, or support in the event that your visa application has been denied.

Dial 0203 483 4389 or send us an online message to speak with one of our immigration advisors about the services we provide and what we can do for you.

Our experienced UK immigration lawyers can help you through each step of the immigration process. 


Most of the time, a child needs a visa in order to live in the UK. For instance, if their parent is a foreign national working or studying in the country, the child may need a Child Dependant Visa.

After five years in the UK, you can often request for indefinite leave of stay.

Keep in mind that your time in the UK must have fulfilled the requirements for continuous, legal residency in the country.

For instance, you can’t have left the UK for more than 180 days in a calendar year.

To be eligible for ILR, you must also fulfill the standard conditions of having a clean criminal record and passing the Life in the UK Test.

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about indefinite leave to remain.

A long-term visa known as the Civil Partnership visa enables qualifying civil partners of British nationals to enter and remain in the country. It is meant to act as a pathway to UK permanent residence.

The Proposed Civil Partner visa, which is often referred to as the Fiance visa, is a temporary visa that enables foreign persons who are engaged to British citizens to enter the UK and establish a civil partnership.

Applicants under the Proposed Civil Partner visa UK have a 6-month validity period, during which they must register a civil partnership.

If you have a UK Proposed Civil Partner Visa and are in the UK, you are not allowed to work.

However, once your civil partnership has been registered in the UK, you can apply to convert to a civil partnership visa.

If you already have a valid visa and are in the UK, you can change it to a Civil Partnership visa.

This will most likely happen to you if you have a Proposed Civil Partner visa UK and are in the UK. If so, after registering your civil partnership in the UK, you would probably try to convert to a Civil Partnership visa.

If it’s qualified, you might also be able to transfer from another visa to a UK Proposed Civil Partner visa.

If you have one of the following visas, you cannot convert to a Civil Partnership visa:

  • – Visitor visa
  • – possess a visa that, other than the UK Proposed Civil Partner visa, only permits you to stay in the UK for a maximum of six months.

You must tell the Home Office if you split up with your partner, your relationship terminates, or during your civil partnership visa.

You need to send an email containing your ex-partner and yourself to the Home Office.

  •    – Name
  •    – Birthdate
  •    – Address
  •    – Passport number
  •    – Home Office number for reference

Sending them information about your kids is also required if you have any.

If you apply for another visa after informing the Home Office, you might then be allowed to remain in the UK. For instance, if you are the parent of a British kid who has either settled in the UK or has been here for at least seven years, you may be eligible for a work visa.

In certain exceptional situations, you might also be qualified to request for indefinite leave of remain, such as if:

  •    – Your relationship has failed as a result of abuse or domestic violence.
  •    – You’ve spent ten years living in the UK.
  •    – Your spouse passed away.

The UK Visa for civil partnership and the UK Fiancé Visa are different: Eligible couples who want to get married or form a civil partnership before applying for a spouse visa may apply for the fiance visa.


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