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Anyone who wishes to join or remain with their spouse in the UK can apply for a UK Spouse Visa. This includes married partners of British or Irish citizens, people who have already settled in the UK, those with pre-settled status, Turkish nationals with a businessperson or worker visa, and refugees or those with humanitarian protection. If your spouse currently lives outside the UK but plans to join you on your return, you must submit a UK Spouse Visa application.

What are the requirements of application for Spouse Visa UK?

Please ensure that you fulfil the following criteria before filling UK Spouse Visa application:

  • Your spouse can apply for a visa if they are from the UK or Ireland, have permanent residency there, are from Turkey, have refugee status, work in Turkey, or have pre-settled status.
  • Both of you must be at least 18 years old;
  • You and your partner have had an in-person meeting;
  • Moreover, your marriage is valid and recognised in the United Kingdom;
  • Your bond is true as well as unbreakable;
  • There is no forbidden level of relationship between you and your spouse;
  • You plan to settle down in the UK with your partner;
  • There has been a total and utter breakdown in every prior relationship;
  • You have sufficient funds;
  • You and any dependents have suitable housing;
  • Moreover, you can communicate in English to an acceptable degree.
  • Your situation will determine the precise criteria that you must meet to be eligible for a UK Spouse Visa
  • You can consult our immigration lawyer if you need legal counsel. 

    Genuine Relationship Requirement

    If you and your British citizen partner want to stay in the UK together, you have to show that you’re really in love and your relationship is real. The following are the most important factors that the Home Office considers while determining the authenticity of your relationship:

  • To be legally married, you and your spouse must have met in person at least once.
  • An Unmarried Partner Visa can be applied for by couples who have been in a committed relationship for a minimum of two years but are not married.
  • You and your partner need to show that you’ve been spending time together. You can accomplish this by submitting evidence such as conversation and call logs, photos of the two of you, and joint bank accounts.

    Financial Requirements of Spouse Visa UK

    Before the spring of 2024, you and your spouse need to make sure you earn a certain amount of money each year to stay in the UK. That amount is £18,600. If you have a child who depends on you, the amount you need to earn goes up by £3,800. If you have more kids, it goes up even more, by £2,400 for each additional child.
    You can get this money from different places:

  • The money you earn from a job or if you work for yourself.
  • Any money you make from stocks and shares.
  • If you have a pension for security, that counts too.
  • If you rent out property and make money from that, it counts.
  • You can also use any savings you have, but only up to £16,000.
  • Earnings can only help your spouse visa application UK if you live and work in the UK.

    English Language Requirement

    The Home Office wants to make sure that people applying for Spouse Visas can speak English well. You have three ways to prove that you know English:

  • You can take a test that proves you have a good level of English, like an A1 test or higher.
  • If you studied at a university where the main language of instruction was English, that counts too.
  • If you’re from a country where English is the main language, that’s also accepted as proof.

  • Accommodation Requirement for Partner Visa

    Making sure you have a good place to live in the UK is really important when applying for a Partner Visa. You can consider different options for housing, like:

  • Renting or owning a flat.
  • Moreover, finding a temporary place to stay.
  • If you own a property or are paying a mortgage, that’s fine too.
  • For a couple, it’s usually recommended to have a studio or one-bedroom flat with a shared bed. But if you have children over the age of one, they should have their own bedroom.
  • If you need help with your UK spouse visa application, you can hire an expert solicitor.

    How to submit a UK Spouse Visa application form?

    You can apply or submit a spouse visa UK application form online on the Home Office website. Here’s how:

  • Check if you qualify for the visa.
  • Gather all the documents you need to prove you’re eligible.
  • Complete the application online.
  • Then, pay the application fee (details below).
  • Attach any supporting documents to your application.
  • Book an appointment for a photo as well as fingerprint.
  • If needed, attend an interview when invited.

  • Who is eligible to apply for a Spouse Visa UK?

    If your spouse or partner is a British citizen, you, as a foreign national, can apply for a spouse or partner visa to enter the United Kingdom.

  • Is a naturalised or born citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland
  • Possesses permanent residency, EU Settled Status, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or has established permanent residence in the UK.
  • Is a refugee or has humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom
  • Possesses a valid Turkish Worker or Business visa
  • In addition to providing proof of your real and continuing relationship, you must intend to live together in the UK once you get here (if you aren’t currently here).

  • What is the UK Spouse Visa Application Fee?

    The spouse visa application fee in UK varies depending on who you’re joining and where you apply from.

    If you apply outside the UK

  • Joining your partner, parent, or child costs £1,846.
  • Adding each dependent to your application costs £1,846 per person.

  • If you apply within the UK

  • Joining your partner, parent, or child costs £1,048.
  • Adding each dependent to your application costs £1,048 per person.
  • However, there are some more expenses you’ll need to cover for this visa application for spouse UK:

  • Paying for the Immigration Health Surcharge.
  • Possibly taking an English language test.
  • Moreover, getting a report about housing.
  • Translating any documents that aren’t in English or Welsh.

  • Supporting Documents Checklist for UK Spouse Visa

    The main reason UK Spouse Visa applications get denied is because of missing or wrong documents. When applying for a Spouse Visa to the UK, you need to follow strict rules and provide the right documents. The documents you need can change depending on your situation.

    Be careful when using ready-made checklists for Spouse Visa documents. It’s better to get advice from an immigration lawyer to make sure your documents are right for your case.

    If your application for UK Spouse Visa is rejected because of missing or wrong documents, appealing the decision can take a long time, sometimes months. And there’s no guarantee you’ll win the appeal. Making a new application will also take more time and money.

    Our immigration lawyers can help you with the right paperwork for your Spouse Visa application. They’ll also make sure all your documents follow the Immigration Rules.

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