The Essential Guide to UK Spouse Visa Requirements

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

UK Spouse Visa – Where Hearts Unite, Borders Can’t Divide!

Finding a spouse visa in the UK is one of the hardest things to do. To prove your status, you must provide a lot of proof that your relationship is real. The person sponsoring you in the UK must make over £18,600 yearly. You must also ensure you have enough accommodations to meet the UK Spouse Visa requirements.

Your specific visa needs will depend on what’s going on with you. A spouse visa application must be made if you want to move to the UK with your spouse. You can also apply if you are engaged to or unmarried to a British citizen or person with settled status. People who want a spouse visa must either have become British citizens or have been born in Britain.

A fiancé visa is only suitable for six months, during which you must get married if you meet the UK spouse visa standards. A spouse or partner visa for an unmarried person is suitable for thirty months. You can ask for another thirty months as soon as the thirty months are up. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and then British citizenship after five years.

The UK Spouse Visa Requirements

To get a spouse visa in the UK, it is necessary to be legally married to either a British citizen or a person with indefinite leave to remain in status. In addition, you are required to fulfil particular criteria, including:

  • The actual relationship criteria require the demonstration of sincere affection and the intention to establish a permanent residence between you and your spouse.
  • The financial requirements include evidence of your ability to sustain your family without appealing to public assistance.
  • The accommodation criteria require offering suitable housing for your family to reside in the United Kingdom.
  • You need to be able to communicate in English to meet the criteria for the English language.

You must compile thorough documentation proving your eligibility for these criteria. Seek assistance from UK immigration solicitors for expert guidance in your application process.

Spouse Visa Applications Need Documents

spouse visa application documents

spouse visa application documents

For your application to be accepted, you need to put together a bunch of supporting papers. These documents must include:

  • Any proof that you and your partner love each other, like photos of the two of you, call and chat logs, money transfers, or shared bank accounts.
  • Show proof that you’ve met at least once.
  • Signs that the person speaks English well. Depending on the country, this could be the IELTS test scores, a degree taught in English, or a card from an English-speaking country.
  • Bank records, pay slips, or job contracts listing your salary prove you make enough money to meet the minimum income requirement.
  • Your proof that you can afford the place to live, like a mortgage or a shared rental agreement.

Depending on your situation, you might need to show more proof. Talk to a professional from our team right now to get help – Learn More

The Genuine Relationship Requirement

Your British citizen partner and you must show that you are genuinely in love and that your relationship is stable to get leave to stay in the UK together.

The Home Office will mainly look at the following to decide if your relationship is real:

  • You must have met your partner in person at least once during your marriage.
  • You can get an Unmarried Partner Visa if you and your partner have been together for at least two years and are serious about being together.

You need to show proof that you and your partner have been together. To do this, you can show logs of your calls and chats, pictures of the two of you together, and bank accounts that you both use.

UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement

For you and your partner to be able to get a spouse visa and stay in the UK, you must both make a gross annual income of £18,600 before spring 2024. This goes up by £3,800 for the first child who depends on you and by £2,400 for each new kid.

Any of the following sources, or a mix of them, may provide this:

  • Salary from a job (including self-employment)
  • Stock and share money
  • Pension 
  • Income from Renting Out (if Used)
  • Savings worth up to sixteen thousand pounds

You can only use your pay to support your application if you live in the UK and make the money there.

Sometimes, you may not be required to meet the financial criteria. Typically, this happens if you get any of the following advantages:

  • Allowance to Live on Disability
  • Allowance for Serious Disabilities
  • Disability Benefit for Work-Related Injuries
  • Showing up Amount Given
  • Payment for Personal Independence
  • Guaranteed Income or Payment for Independence for the Armed Forces 
  • You will get money through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.
  • Allowance for Constant Attendance, Mobility Supplement, or War 
  • Pensions for disabled people under the War Pensions Scheme
  • Benefits for loss

If you want these benefits, you must prove that you can provide “sufficient maintenance” for your partner and any children. There are certain situations where the Home Office must consider if the UK supporter needs more money.

Spring 2024 Financial Requirements Changes

UK Spose Visa Financial Requirements

  • The new minimum income will start at £29,000 in the spring of 2024 and gradually rise to £34,500 and then £38,700.
  • Apply as soon as possible to avoid this new change.
  • Most importantly, starting in the spring of 2024, the minimum income standard will no longer include a different child factor. This means that each child won’t need any extra money.
  • Their decision will be based on the current income requirement for people who already have a visa or who are applying before the minimum income level goes up. This also goes for people who have a fiance visa right now, even if they want to apply for a spouse’s visa later.
  • People who are switching from another route to this one (after the changes have been made) will be evaluated using the new standards.

English Language Requirements 

The person who is not British must show the Home Office that they can speak and understand English very well to get a spouse visa to stay in the UK.

One of the following must be done to show your skill:

  • Take and pass an official English test at a level at least as high as A1, based on your situation.
  • Have a degree from a well-known school where you studied or took classes in English.
  • Come from a place where English is the primary language.

Accommodation Requirement

You may need to find suitable housing for your family to live with you and your partner in the UK. It could be:

  • A rented house
  • A temporary place to stay
  • A building that is mortgaged or owned.

A flat with one room and a shared bed is enough for most couples. In any case, your house needs an extra bedroom for every child over one.

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